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Dis DC6990P

Gooseneck microphone
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The Delegate President DC6900p with touch screen.

The flagship of the DIS range, the DCS6000 is a high-end digital conference system that incorporates a simultaneous voting and translation system.
The workstations are free-standing or built-in and offer various formats and variants.
All system components are interconnected by standard CAT5E cables to the DCS-LAN protocol, which facilitates installation and maintenance.
- Audio quality (digitization at the source), microphonie treated against RF radiation and in particular GSM
- Intuitive user interfaces
- Modularity to adapt to the specifications of each meeting
- Interfacing with AMX / Crestron control systems
- Encryption of audio to meet security needs
- Architecture totally open for future evolutions
Portable digital conference unit with 9 cm high resolution color touch screen configurable as chair, delegate or double delegate. The unit includes talk and function buttons, a gooseneck microphone XLR connector, a speaker, two channel selectors, and a touch screen for many features (microphone control, conference control, calendar management, voting, messages).


Ref : 83181
- Microphone connector : xlr
- Type of microphone : dynamic
Main Features :
- Standard conference unit for presidents, delegates or dual delegates
- 3.5 inch touch screen for user interaction
- Fully digital audio transmission
- Serial topology with loop connectors or
star topology with junction box
- DCS-LAN network connection with CAT 5e (or higher) cabling of type F / UTP or U / FTP
- Lockable XLR connector for gooseneck microphones
- 1 high quality speaker
- Channel selectors for the main channel (Floor) and the 31 interpretation channels
- 1 channel selector for presidents / delegates and two channel selectors for dual delegate units (on the touch screen)
- 2 headphones connectors with volume control
- 1 smart card reader
- Microphone and mute buttons
- Configurable left button for different functions
- Editable buttons for correspondence with other operating languages ??or other features
- Selection of the operating language from the user interface (on the touch screen)
- Lists of takes and requests for speech (on the touch screen)
- Buttons for 3 or 5 button voting and presence checking (on the touch screen)
- Voting results (on the touch screen)
Additional features are available on the touch screen by connecting a computer with the SW 6000 Conference Management Software:
- Identification by smart card or PIN
- Conference information
- Agenda
- Voting Power of Attorney
- Receiving messages

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