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<b><center>Victory V4 : amps and preamps</center></b>

Victory V4 : amps and preamps

Amps and pre-amps handcrafted in England: we say YES!

The Victory Amps brand has a very simple goal: "to create amplifiers that inspire you more and more in your playing and that never let you down".
The Victory V4 amps and pre-amps are no exception! Whether you are a fan of clean sound, a lover of British-style overdrive or the overdriven sound that you find in progressive metal, there is bound to be what you are looking for at Victory Amps.

After having developed amp heads and cabinets for a long time, Victory offers us everything a guitarist loves: lightness! Their series of amps are available in compact stompbox or pre-amp format.

- The The Duchess series offers you American cleans, soft and warm! With reverb and tremolo, the Duchess will be your ally.

- The The Copper series is distinguished by its traditional British grain. Pop, rock, blues...she can do it all!

- The Jack series recently replaced The Countess series, originally developed in collaboration with Mr. Guthrie Govan himself! Offering a whole new palette of clean, crunch and overdrive sound.

- The Sherif series will remind you of sounds from 60s blues rock to 70s and 80s heavy rock.

- The The Kraken series has the most saturated sound of the Victory Amps family! From hard rock to progressive metal, no extreme style can escape this series. An artist like Rabéa Massaad understood this well, since this model has accompanied him since his creation...

Pedal format amps are the ideal compromise if you want to have all the grain of an amp head without having to transport an amp head. (Their technology will make you forget their small size and you won't be able to part with them). The Victory Amps firm has joined forces with Two Notes Engineering to implement the DynIR Virtual Cabinet technology integrated into the Torpedo as standard.

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