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Pioneer dj Toraiz AS-1 + AS1 bag

Home studio set
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The Pioneer Dj Toraiz As-1 and its transport house Djc As1 bag.

Pioneer continues its collaboration with Dave Smith, by offering a mini monodic analog synthesizer, the Toraiz AS-1/strong>, integrating 2 oscillators, filter and ADSR amp envelopes, resonant filters, several waveforms, an effects bank, a 64 step sequencer AND a 33 keys touch keyboard!
This model features the effects of Dave Smith's Prophet 6 model, but also features a brand new digital distortion.


Ref : 94021
- Monodic analog synthesizer (1 voice only)
- 2 oscillators with frequencies, pulse width (OSC 1 and 2), sync (OSC 1), fine tuning, keyboard tracking and bass (OSC 2); triangle and sawtooth waveforms with variable pulse width; Slop function
- Mixing desk for both oscillators, subwoofer and noise level
- High-pass and low-pass filters with cutoff, resonance, quantity (Off, half and full) and velocity
- ADSR filter envelope with quantity of filters
- ADSR amplifier envelope with quantity and velocity
- Glide with several modes (fixed speed, fixed flow)
- LFO with triangle, inverted sawtooth, sawtooth, square and random shapes, destinations (frequencies and pulse width of both OSCs, cutoff of both filters and VCA)
- Modulation source: filter envelope and quantity of OSC 2
- Modulation destination: frequency, shape and pulse width of OSC 1, cut-off of both filters
- Effects: BBD delay, distortion, ring modulation, chorus, high and low resonance phaser, maestro phaser with 2 adjustable parameters for each
- 64-step sequencer and multimode arpeggiator with time division, BPMs shared between sequencer and arpeggiator; tone, velocity and slew for each sequence step, about 1-3 octaves for the arpeggiator
- 33-key touch-sensitive keyboard with 22 preset scales and 9 octaves
- Slider assignable to oscillator frequency, filter amount, LFO amount and mixes of the two effects sections
- Aftertouch with multiple destinations (oscillator frequency, filter cutoff, VCA and LFO amount)
- Pitch bend on +/- 12 semitones
- Key modes: low, high, last, low retrigger, high retrigger and last retrigger
- OLED display
- 17 pre-configured tuning
- Right/left audio outputs on 6.35 mm TS
- One headphone output on 6.35 mm jack
- 5-pin DIN MIDI input and output/thru
- USB port
- Trigger input on 1/4-inch TS that can be connected to a footswitch or audio input signals with Pedal, Trigger, Gate or Trigger-Gate configurations
- 99 programs x 10 banks (5 factory and 5 user) for sequence patterns and recording of 13 favorite programs
- Dimensions: 267.4 x 68.6 x 177.7 mm
- Weight: 1.4 kg
- Power supply supplied

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