Ableton Live 12 Standard, EDU

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Sequencer sofware

Ableton Live 12 Standard EDU (ESD); audio MIDI sequencer (DAW); Ableton EDU verification: after a 30 days trail period you have to send the EDU verification in accordance to the prerequisiteshttps://www.ableton.com/en/shop/education/#eligibility to the Ableton Support directly. The Ableton support activates your Software permanent after successful verification; software for recording and editing audio and MIDI instruments, for intuitive composing and producing, for live performances and much more; non-linear Seesion View based on Clip, Scenes, Clip automation etc. to provide a creative musical playground, for jamming and improvisation, for flexible stage performances and many other applications; the linear arrangement view enables classic workflow with sequences arranged in a bar or time grid; various innovative tools such as Tuning Systems, Keys and Scales for adapting to a defined key, searching for similar sounds in the library, allocating customised tags and browser labels, a browser history and much more; 12 creative MIDI Transformations like Arpeggiate, Span, Connect, Recombine, Strum, Rhythm, Time Warp and many more; Screen Reader support provides simplified control for visually impaired users; comprehensive customisable MIDI control options and automatic mapping for many popular hardware controllers; comping functionality for audio and MIDI recordings allows to combine multiple takes of a performance; Linked-track editing; Tempo Following automatically adjusts the tempo based on incoming audio in real time; adjustable Note and Velocity Chance randomly creates changes for note and velocity paramter; supports MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression); realtime warping and time stretching, complex warp modi; audio slicing allows to slice samples for Drum Rack or Sampler; audio to midi functionality; Capture feature allows to catch musical ideas on MIDI tracks subsequently; group tracks with with multiple layers; supports Serato Scratch Live; browser with tempo based preview functionality; audio resolution up to 32 bit/192 kHz; unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks; 12 send and return tracks; up to 256 audio inputs and outputs; integration of external instruments; contained instruments: Analog, Collision, Electric, Tension, Drift, Simpler, Impulse, Drum Rack, Drum Synths CV Instrument and CV Triggers as well as Instrument Racks; 42 audio effects; 13 MIDI effects; 16 Packs with more 38 GB sample content; supports MP3, FLAC and WAVPACK export
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Technical sheet

  • This is an educational version.
  • You are allowed to use this educational version if you:
  • are currently enrolled as a full-time student (including high school students)
  • are enrolled as a part-time student (more than 20 hours per week)
  • are taking an Ableton Live online course (excluding weekend seminars)
  • are a teacher in a school or university
  • are a part-time or private establishment teacher (20 hours per week or more)
  • When registering your purchase, Ableton will ask you to provide proof that you are indeed part of the educational system. Without proof (for example, a copy of your student ID), this version will remain locked. You will receive information related to this verification when registering your purchase with Ableton.
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