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New Antelope audio Edge Note

149.00 €
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Edge Note is the perfect home or studio solution for capturing a wide range of instruments.

With its exceptional resistance to high sound pressure and its sensitivity roll-off and high-pass filter features, the Edge Note is the ideal choice for instrumentalists, recording engineers and studio owners looking for a versatile, high-quality yet affordable tool.
13 emulations reproduce the sound of legendary microphones used in the best recordings of the last century.
- Faithful and realistic, based on the measurements of the original models
- Compatible with most STANs under macOS and Windows.


Ref : 103521
Frequency response of 20Hz- 20kHz covering the audible spectrum.
69dB signal-to-noise ratio
The straight frequency response of the Edge Note's electret capsule provides an exceptionally clean and transparent recording of the signal.
High-pass filters at 75 and 115Hz eliminate the rumble of very low frequencies or compensate for the
or compensate for proximity effect.
The 10 and 20dB attenuation switch allows for a wider dynamic range and
dynamic range and allows for close placement of powerful sources, ensuring a clean
ensuring that a clean signal reaches the preamp without distortion.

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