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The brand Antelope audio

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Monitor controller

This bundle combines an Antelope Satori monitoring controller with an R4S remote control, allowing you to make the most of all its functions.

Key Features of the Antelope Satori Monitoring Controller

  • The Antelope Satori is an analog monitoring and analog mixing system designed to provide sound engineers with a revealing experience.
  • Its renowned relay-stepped attenuator ensures exceptional precision and audio quality.
  • Flexible connectivity options provide remarkable adaptability to the needs of each user, whether in professional studios or home studios.
  • The wide range of stereo effects, such as center/side monitoring, allows for exploration of various mixing and monitoring possibilities.

Features of the Antelope Satori Monitoring Controller

Superior Analog Monitoring Experience

The Antelope Satori offers an unparalleled analog monitoring experience, thanks to its advanced design and features. Enjoy precise control and exceptional audio quality for your mixing sessions.

Relay-Stepped Attenuator for Optimal Precision

The renowned relay-stepped attenuator of Antelope ensures optimal precision in adjusting audio levels, ensuring faithful and transparent sound reproduction. This allows for fine control over volume and a uncompromising listening experience.

Flexible Connectivity Options

With its flexible connectivity options, the Satori adapts to all work environments. Whether you're using studio monitors, headphones, or other audio equipment, the Satori gives you the ability to configure your monitoring system according to your specific needs.

Wide Range of Stereo Effects

The Satori offers a wide range of stereo effects, such as center/side monitoring, that allow for exploration of new mixing and monitoring possibilities. These effects add an extra dimension to your music production work.

Explore New Possibilities with the Antelope Satori Monitoring Controller

Purchasing this bundle on our website is a wise decision for any sound engineer, whether professional or amateur. The Antelope Satori offers a superior monitoring experience, unparalleled control precision, and remarkable flexibility in a variety of work environments.

Our Experts' Opinion

  • The Antelope Satori is more than just a monitoring controller. With its relay-stepped attenuator, flexible connectivity options, and wide range of stereo effects, it offers an exceptional mixing and monitoring experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, the Satori will help you reach new heights in audio quality.
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Technical sheet

  • Satori - Inputs
    • Analog 1 on XLR
    • Analog 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • Analog 5 – 8 on D-Sub
    • Talkback Mic on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • USB (for remote control) on USB type B
    • Analog input nominal level – 20dBu (Trim on each input from +6dB to -6dB)
  • Satori - Outputs
    • Monitor 1 on XLR
    • Monitor 2 – 4 on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • Summed Output on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • LFE on 1/4”
    • Headphones 1 – 2 (front panel) on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • Headphones 3 – 4 (rear panel) on 1/4” TRS Jack
    • Analog output nominal level – 20dBu (Trim on each output from +6dB to -6dB)
    • Rack dimensions 1U: 483 mm / 19” x 44 mm / 1.75” x 220 mm / 8.66”
  • R4S
    • USB powered
    • Selectable inputs
    • Summing bus
    • 4 monitoring channels
    • Built-in Talkback function
    • Mono, Dim, M/S, and Sub functions can be activated
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