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Audient NERO

Monitor controller
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Audient present Nero, its monitoring controller

With over 20 years of expertise in analog console design, Audient has created Nero, a remarkable controller for your monitoring. It integrates a wide variety of inputs and outputs, analog console-type monitoring control, Precision Matched Attenuation technology and much more... Nero will undoubtedly become the heart of your studio.

Centralize, customize and control
As your studio grows, it becomes more difficult to control everything. Nero allows you to centralize, connect and control everything you need for your monitoring from your desktop, thanks to the wide variety of stereo inputs available.

Listen to your mixes on three different monitor pairs and calibrate the output level independently for each monitor pair. You can also assign the "Sub" output to each pair. Nero also includes 4 headphone preamps (1 main preamp for the mixer and 3 preamps for the musicians) to allow you to use the headphone mixes under the best conditions.

Assignable subwoofer
A subwoofer can easily be assigned to one of the three monitoring outputs, but you also have the option of turning the subwoofer on or off without touching your presets. Nero also allows you to listen to the subwoofer alternately with the three pairs of monitors without assigning it to a particular pair.

Smart Touchpoints
Smart Touchpoints help you to customize your work environment very quickly. You can define your routing and configure Nero's outputs to create the combinations that exactly match your needs. Simply press a Smart Touchpoint to launch the configuration mode, select your routing options, and save by pressing the Smart Touchpoint again.
- Assign any input to a headset preamp by using the SRC key
- Assign the micro talkback to all or some of the headphone outputs to simply communicate with the artists
- Save time by configuring some outputs in mono permanently. Perfect for using mono monitoring systems
- Assign your subwoofer to one of the three monitor outputs with the option to turn it on or off later without changing your initial setting
- Save your settings permanently by holding down two of the monitor selection keys
Controls of the "console monitoring section" type
Nero draws on Audient's extensive experience in the design of the monitoring section on analog consoles and desktop audio interfaces. Thus Nero includes the electronic circuits created by David Dearden as well as all the controls found on a console, such as the dedicated talkback, Dim, Cut, Polarity (phase), mono, HP selection and artist mix management functions.

Built to last
With its all-metal construction and Obsidian Black finish, Nero has been designed to fit perfectly into the studio environment.
Includes the ARC Creative Hub software suite


Ref : 86908
- 4 x stereo analog inputs
- 2 x line level inputs
- 1 x input dedicated to the Cue Mix (artist feedback)
- 1 x auxiliary input (rca and mini-jack)
Optical and co-axial SPDIF inputs
- 3 x stereo outputs for monitors
- 1 x assignable sub-woofer output
- 4 x headphone outputs with routing options
Possibility to customize the operation of certain functions (routing, trim, etc...)
Talkback input
- Internal microphone
- Input for external talkback microphone
- Controls: Dim, Cut, Mono and Polarity

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