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Blackstar HT-5R MkII - Baby Blue

Electric guitar combo amp
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BLACKSTAR HT-5R MkII Baby Blue tube amp combo for electric guitar with its low powered push-pull 12BH7 power amp (and ECC83 preamp valve) produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100W output stage, at volumes suitable for home practice and recording.

HT-5R MkII amps come equipped with two footswichable clean and overdrive voicings. On the clean, choose between a bright and pristine American setting with a solid and tight bass response. Or a classic British setting with looser bass response and a warmer mid range, sensitive to your guitar output and playing dynamics.
On the overdrive, choose between a classic hot-rodded setting with medium power amp damping. Or, a more modern setting with a strong mid-emphasised pre-overdrive boost with a looser, more aggressive sound due to reduced power amp damping.

The patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control is unique to Blackstar Amplification and represents a major step forward in tone shaping flexibility. The ISF control shifts the response of the three control tone stack between, a US type response at one end, and at the other, a UK type response. Importantly, in between the two extremes lie an infinite number of alternative tone choices that would be otherwise unavailable.

Alongside providing capture-ready valve tones at any volume, HT-5R MkII comes equipped with a direct USB output for the simplest way to get valve tone into your recordings without the need for an interface. Also included is a fully specified stereo recording output via XLR and jack with selectable cabinet simulation options of 4×12 or 1×12.
These amps have in-built load protection, meaning you can use them without a cabinet connected for silent practice and recording.

Studio quality reverb has been referenced against the most revered vintage and modern reverb units, designed to perfectly complement guitar tones.


Ref : 99576
- Power of the guitar amplifier : 0 to 29 watts
- Speakers configuration : 1x12
- Technology : transistors
- SKU Blackstar 657248
- Tube electric guitar amp (1x12BH7 + 1xECC83)
- Combo
- 2021
- 0.5 or 5 watts (dedicated switch)
- 2x channels , 2x voicing for each channel
- 1x 12 Blackstar
- Studio quality reverb
- USB out
- XLR D.I. record out with cab sim (1x12 or 4x12)
- Effects loop
- MP3/line input
- 2x 16, 1x 16 ou 1x 8 speakers outs
- Included 2-ways footswitch
- 405 x 443 x 252 mm
- 14 kg
- Manual : https://blackstaramps.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/ht5r-mkii-handbook.pdf

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