Buchla Lem 218

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Midi controller

Buchla's LEM218 is a touch-sensitive controller keyboard for (modular) synthesizers. Capacitive touch controllers have a long tradition at Buchla, dating back to 1973. The 29 capacitive keys produce well-controlled tactile dynamics despite a 0mm travel. The longitudinally mounted touch strip works like a modulation wheel. To play notes, simply rest your finger on the key without exerting pressure. This opens up new playing techniques that are ideally suited to expressionist or generative music. The LEM218 is not just designed for Buchla synthesizers such as the Easel Command or the Modular System 200. The side connectors allow control of a Eurorack modular system, and if MIDI or USB is used, synthesizers and plug-ins can even be played polyphonically. If the LEM218 is used in a configuration with control voltages, portamento control also comes into play, affecting both pitch outputs. The arpeggiator has its own clock, but can also be synchronised to MIDI, USB or a Buchla pulse. The preset voltage source generates four adjustable control voltages, one of which can be active at any one time. Selection is via the buttons below; pressing the buttons generates a pulse at the same time. Preset voltages make sense in all patches where context-dependent sound changes need to be fine-tuned. For example, if Waveshaper's bias parameter needs to have a different setting in certain passages, the corresponding input is first patched and the appropriate setting is made with the controls. Power users can also use the LEM218 as a MIDI/USB interface to convert note data into Eurorack/Buchla control voltages.
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Technical sheet

  • Master keyboard controller
  • 29 capacitive keys
  • Touch strip
  • Portamento
  • Arpeggiator
  • Preset voltage source
  • Eurorack outputs for Pitch, Gate, Velocity & Strip
  • Buchla connections for Pitch, Pulse, Pressure, Strip, Clock, Preset Voltages
  • Sustain pedal input
  • MIDI-TRS adapter cable, power supply and grounding strap included.

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