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Sequential Prophet 10

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The Dave Smith Prophet 10 is an analog synthesizer.

The new Prophet-10 is Dave Smith's 10-voice version of the world-changing analog poly synthesizer.
It's "the best of all the prophets" as Dave puts it because it embodies the three revisions of the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer - Rev1, Rev2 and Rev3 - through the use of real VCOs and Curtis analog filters (as in the Rev3) as well as new 2140 low-pass filters designed by Dave Rossum, such as the 2040 filters he designed in the original Rev1 and Rev2. A Rev switch lets you choose between the two filter models.

The result is as pure a renewal of an analog classic as you could possibly want, with the authentic, muscular sound of the original and the engineering control of a modern, state-of-the-art instrument.


Ref : 95819
- Number of keys : 61 keys
- Touch : light touch
- Type of synthesizer : analog
Two authentic CEM 3340 VCOs per voice
Simultaneously selectable wave shapes. Oscillator A: sawtooth, pulse. Oscillator B: sawtooth, triangle, pulse.
Pulse width per oscillator
Hard sync: oscillator 1 syncs to oscillator 2
Low frequency mode (oscillator 2)
Keyboard tracking on/off (oscillator 2)
Oscillator 1 amount
Oscillator 2 amount
White noise amount
Four-pole, resonant, low-pass filter per voice
Switchable between authentic versions of the Prophet-5 Rev1/2 filter and Prophet-5 Rev3 filter
Rev1/2 filter is a Dave Rossum-designed 2140, the modern counterpart of the original 2040 filter found in the Prophet-5 Rev1 and Rev2
Rev3 filter is a Doug Curtis-designed CEM 3320
Filter can be driven into self-oscillation with the Resonance control
Keyboard tracking: off, half, full
Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
Velocity modulation of envelope amount
Four-stage (ADSR) envelope generator
Velocity modulation of envelope amount
Three wave shapes: sawtooth, triangle, square. All waveshapes can be engaged simultaneously
Both Initial Amount and mod wheel control
Mod destinations: oscillator A frequency, oscillator B frequency, oscillator A and B pulse width, filter cutoff
Sources: filter envelope and oscillator B
Destinations: oscillator A frequency, oscillator A pulse width, filter cutoff
Recreates the characteristics of various Prophet-5 models by varying the behavior of oscillators, envelopes, amplifiers, and other parameters. Go from a very stable “4” — as in Prophet-5 Rev4, (the new version) — all the way to “1,” as in Prophet-5 Rev1, the rarest and most temperamental of all Prophet-5s.
Mono output (1 x 1/4” phone jack)
Headphone output (stereo, 1/4” phone jack)
MIDI in, out, and thru ports
USB for bidirectional MIDI communication
Control voltage in/out (1 x 1/4” phone jack) 0- +5V input/output signal. Configured for 1-volt-per-octave operation.
Gate in/out (1 x 1/4” phone jack). Accepts a 1.5 to 15-volt on/off signal to gate the envelopes of a single voice on the Prophet-10. Outputs a 15-volt on/off used to gate the envelopes of an external synth.
Low-pass filter cutoff expression pedal input
Volume expression pedal input
Sustain footswitch input
37.5” L x 16.4 W x 4.9? H (95.25 cm x 41.6 cm x 12.4 cm)
31 lbs (14.06 kg)
Roadworthy all-steel construction with premium black walnut heartwood body and trim

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