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  • Diamond Vibrato - Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal - Main picture
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The brand Diamond

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Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal

The Vibrato is a pedal offered by the Diamond brand.

The Vibrato Diamond was designed at the end of 2006 to offer a true-picth analog vibrato pedal built around the famous BBD MN3007 chip. Now it's back and with new features.

The BBD MN3007 chip creates those rich, organic, vibrant Vibrato and Chorus sounds that characterize the sounds of guitar icons from the 70s and 80s.

The Compandor circuit, borrowed from the Memory Lane Jr, adds warmth and complexity by controlling your dynamics. Acting as both a compressor and expander, it gives Vibrato its characteristic feel and response, but also reduces much of the noise inherent in BBD technology.

The use of dual stacked PCBs optimized space and improved isolation of the audio path from the power and switching circuits.

This new Vibrato offers much more versatile operation from 9 to 18 Volts. For classic, precise Diamond Vibrato sounds with greater dynamics, power it with 18 Volts, like the original. Powering it with 9 Volts will give a little more color and movement, like the High mode of the original big Vibrato.
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Technical sheet

  • Circuit
    • BBD MN3007 100% analog
  • Compandor
    • Enhanced Compandor circuit for increased clarity, reduced distortion, and noise
  • Speed
    • 0.1 Hz to 20 Hz
  • Chorus Setting
    • Blend of dry/wet signals
  • Selector
    • Jazz for refining the sound
  • Speed Doubler
    • On/off or stealth mode
  • Power Supply
    • From 9 to 18 Volts with polarity and overvoltage protection
  • Bypass
    • True silent relay bypass
  • Manufacture
    • Handcrafted in Montreal, Canada

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