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Dis IS6132P

Gooseneck microphone
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The station interprets 32 IS6132P channels from DIS.

The flagship of the DIS range, the DCS6000 is a high-end digital conference system that incorporates a simultaneous voting and translation system.
The workstations are free-standing or built-in and offer various formats and variants.
All system components are interconnected by standard CAT5E cables to the DCS-LAN protocol, which facilitates installation and maintenance.
- Audio quality (digitization at the source), microphonie treated against RF radiation and in particular GSM
- Intuitive user interfaces
- Modularity to adapt to the specifications of each meeting
- Interfacing with AMX / Crestron control systems
- Encryption of audio to meet security needs
- Architecture totally open for future evolutions
DIS has been working with interpreters since 1952 on simultaneous interpretation solutions.
Listening to their needs to create the best system in terms of intelligibility and ease of use.
The DCS6000 manages 8 active microphones and 32 simultaneous languages, all with the best quality.
An automatic gain control system ensures a constant level across the various interpreted channels.
The IS6132P Interpretation Unit is a portable digital 32-channel station for a single interpreter that is fully compliant with international standards. The unit has two output A / B channels and four buttons for the 4 relay inputs.
The clear layout and each control allows intuitive handling without risk of error. Unique digital technology eliminates background noise, distortion and crosstalk. Automatic gain control ensures a constant listening level on all channels regardless of the speech level of each performer. The operator can change the language setting or enable / disable the remote microphone. The unit is used with a gooseneck microphone and a headset or with a headset handset.


Ref : 83445
- Microphone connector : xlr
- Type of microphone : dynamic
- Fully digital audio transmission
- Serial topology with loop connectors or star topology with junction box
- DCS-LAN network connection with CAT 5e (or higher) cabling of type F / UTP or U / FTP
- Channel B mode selection (all languages, one language, no language)
- Support of several locking modes (A interrupts A, A interrupts B, A interrupts A + B)
- Speech button and LCD display 4 x 24 backlit
- Indicator lights in the buttons
- Auditory signal for visually impaired interpreters
- Automatic floor mode (Floor) to distribute the main channel (Floor) when there is no interpretation
- Volume and tone controls
- Button '' speaks too fast '' (STF)
- XLR connector for gooseneck microphone
- Connector for headset handset
- Optional speaker connector
- Remotely controllable from the SW 6000 Conference Management Software.

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