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Disaster area DMC.Micro MIDI Controller

Daw controller
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DISASTER AREA DMC.Micro MIDI Controller offers wide MIDI control abilities in a super compact pedal.
It's incredibly simple : tap the left or right buttons to perform an action, hold the left button to perform a third alternate action, or hold the right button to advance to the next page.

The DMC.micro can access up to five pages, whose functions may include :
- Device Control - program select and bypass for up to three devices
- Looper Control - controls the looper on the Strymon Timeline, Eventide H9 / Timefactor, or Line 6 M9/M13
- Utility - user-set actions on left / right / alt buttons
- Preset - stores programs from Device Control pages and allows the user to change multiple devices at once


Ref : 95586
- Programmable MIDI controller
- Fabriqué aux USA
- 2021
- Up to 99 user-accessible presets (if preset page is active)
- Controls up to three MIDI devices
- User-definable Utility page sends any MIDI CC command, MIDI notes, bank up and down, more
- USB MIDI or USB Host connection for advanced control possibilities
- One MultiJack connector can function as Expression Pedal input, Tap Tempo Output, Function Switch Output, Footswitch Input, or MIDI Output
- Internal DIP switches to customize MultiJack functions
- Connect one or two 1/4" MIDI devices from companies such as Alexander Pedals, Chase Bliss Audio, Empress, and Meris
- Connect an expression pedal to send MIDI messages to one or more of your devices
- Connect an external footswitch for tap tempo control
- Send tap tempo to an external device such as a DD-7, Panther Cub, Flint, and more
- Use the USB port to interface with your computer or tablet device and turn the DMC.micro into a USB MIDI controller
- Maybe you have a Zoom MultiStomp (MS-50G / MS-60B / MS-70CDR) or a Red Panda pedal, connect it to the USB port using gHOST Adapter to control it with MIDI
- Bright blue LED display indicates program number, status, and more
- Power via optional power supply 9VDC, 60mA
- 93 x 38 x 42mm
- Manual : https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ffa32e2e3802f025d87246d/t/5ffa52e63b112d2bb6db996e/1610240746121/DMC.micro+Manual+104b.pdf

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