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Dr DRAGON SKIN+ Core Technology Coated Wrap 80/20 12-54 - set of strings

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Acoustic guitar strings

Dragon Skin+ strings deliver massive sound, are easy to play, and hold up remarkably well to wear. Equipped with patented technology, the Dragon Skin+ provide improvements to the core and threading, for exceptional balance, musicality and power.

Our Accurate Core technology grooves on the core to match the threads, allowing the string to vibrate to its full potential. A very thin coating on the thread provides longer string life, while having the feel of untreated strings. Designed for better sound and feel, the Dragon Skin+ are second to none. The Difference is Real.
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Technical sheet

  • Gauge Light
  • Set of strings / String by unit Set of strings
  • Composition: round core, with Accurate Core Technology coating in locking grooves for superior tone, projection and tuning stability.
  • 80/20 bronze wiring for a clear and flashy sound. Pelicular coating for exceptional resonance and improved lifespan.
  • You will like these strings if you are looking for: Extra long life and a more powerful tone than an uncoated string - Gigantic sound with superior output and full tone - Unparalleled comfort that makes you want to play

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