Ecler Warm 4

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Dj mixer

The Ecler WARM 4 is a 4-channel DJ mixer.

WARM4 is a professional 4-channel analog DJ mixer designed and manufactured by ECLER in Barcelona. It features 4 phono/line channels, 2 MIC inputs, precise classic filters, and a 4th order Isolator.

This DJ mixer boasts a unique feature: an analog subharmonic synthesizer selectable per channel, specially designed to generate and reinforce ultra-low frequencies.

WARM4 is Ecler's latest rotary analog mixer, inspired by New York's Paradise Garage, described by François Kevorkian as the "temple of music" and whose influence has significantly shaped some of today's best clubs.

Designed and manufactured in our Barcelona facilities, WARM4 retains the classic Ecler mixer structure while completely rethinking its circuitry and mechanics. This includes a new PCB board that further improves noise levels and dynamic range, as well as front-plate-screwed potentiometers, carefully hand-assembled by our production team.

Continuing its innovative spirit since the first A4 mixer in 1971, Ecler introduces a DJ tool never before included in a mixer: an analog subharmonic synthesizer. Inspired by the original device installed in the Paradise Garage booth, we've created our own circuit that allows the subharmonic generator to be tuned to different frequencies, allowing the DJ to adapt it according to the recorded song and the sound system's features.

In WARM4, you'll also find the 4th order Isolator filter already present in WARM2, along with 4 mixing channels, a 3-band full EQ per channel, and high-quality metal shaft potentiometers from Alps. Using your favorite external effects module has never been easier. WARM4 offers the opportunity to send the PRE/POST fader signal, as well as adjust and pre-listen to the amount of effects return.

WARM4 is specially designed for sound systems capable of reproducing this type of subsonic frequencies, making it ideal for clubs, festivals, and events where subwoofers are of vital importance. Give your audience an unparalleled experience on the dance floor and a unique way to feel the music.
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Technical sheet

  • Number of channels 4 channels and more
  • Number of Inputs:
  • LINE: 4 Stereo Unbalanced Inputs
  • PHONO: 4 Stereo Unbalanced Inputs
  • MICRO: 2 Mono Balanced Inputs
  • FX RETURN: 1 Stereo Unbalanced Input
  • Connectors type:
  • LINE 1-2-3-4: RCA STEREO
  • PHONO 1-2-3-4: RCA STEREO
  • MICRO 3: XLR3-F
  • MICRO 4: Combo XLR3F-6.3mm TRS BAL
  • Inputs Sensitivity nom/Impedance:
  • LINE: 0dBV/50kΩ
  • PHONO: -40dBV/50kΩ
  • MICRO: -50dBV/>1kΩ
  • FX RETURN: 0dBV/>6kΩ
  • Frequency Response:
  • LINE: 10Hz÷30kHz -1dB
  • MICRO: 10Hz÷25kHz -1dB
  • PHONO: RIAA ±0.5dB
  • FX RETURN: 10Hz÷50kHz -1dB
  • THD+N:
  • LINE: <0.004%
  • MICRO: <0.7%
  • PHONO: <0.06%
  • FX RETURN: <0.001%
  • CMMR:
  • MICRO: >75dB @ 1kHz
  • Signal Noise Ratio:
  • LINE: >105dB
  • MICRO: >90dB
  • PHONO: >100dB
  • FX RETURN: >110dB
  • Trim control / Tone control Inputs 1-2-3-4:
  • INPUTS 1-2-3-4: ± 15dB
  • BASS: +10/-30dB
  • MID: +10/-25dB
  • TREBLE: +10/-30dB
  • Trim control / Tone control Isolator:
  • BASS: +12/-70dB
  • MID: +12/-40dB
  • TREBLE: +12/-70dB
  • Tone Filter cut frequency at -6dB (slope 12dB/oct):
  • BASS: 200Hz
  • MID: 200Hz÷6.8kHz
  • TREBLE: 6.8kHz
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