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Elektron Analog Four MKII BK

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The new Analog Four and Analog Rytm MKII models have arrived. Updated with an eye-catching new aesthetic and exceptionally fresh factory content.

Analogue bliss
Organic, steel, hot, cold, chaotic, exact and all the nuances in between. Shape your own analog basses, leads, drums, and any other abnormal noise you can imagine. Program them precisely or feel free to design as you go. With sounds as vast as the most endless of palettes, entire tracks can be created from scratch.

From sounds to songs
Four synth tracks and an intuitive step sequencer let you easily create and layer melodies. Then read your composition and reshape it immediately. Change the notes, modify the sounds, add effects. Make it as bright and airy or dark and dense as you want. Something beautifully unique will emerge each time.

Modular control
Not only a splendid synthesizer, the Analog Four MKII can also sing other gear. Thanks to CV / Gate sequencing and DIN sync outputs, external analog equipment can be controlled in detail. Bring any modular or vintage synth to life.

Inspired dynamite
The Analog Four MKII comes with exceptional factory content to get you started. Personalities like Eraldo Bernocchi, Spit Mask, as well as the dedicated Elektron team from around the world, have assembled a new bank of models and kits to exploit - giving you access to a variety of great audio slices right out of the box. box.


Ref : 95716
- Type of expander : analog
- 4 synth voices - each with: 2x analog oscillators, 2x sub-oscillators, 1x noise-gate, 1x 4-pole ladder low-pass filter, 2x 2-pole multimode filters, 1 analog Overdrive circuit, 2 assignable LFOs, 1 envelope amp and 2 assignable envelopes
- Up to 4 notes of polyphony
- Up to 4 multitimbral parts
- Up to 4 notes read in unison
- Chorus, delay and reverb effect send
- Quick performance checks
- Ergonomic Elektron sequencer directly accessible
- CV / gate sequencing
- 512 factory presets
- Headphone output 1 × 6.3 mm jack
- 2x balanced 6.3 mm jack main outputs
- 4x separate 6.3 mm stereo jack outputs
- 4x CV / Gate 6.3 mm jack outputs
- 2x unbalanced 6.3 mm jack external inputs
- 2x 6.3 mm jack expression pedal inputs
- 1x high speed USB 2.0 port
- Parallel input / output / MIDI output with DIN synchronization
- Ultra Sharp 128 × 64 display
- Precise high-resolution encoders
- Sturdy backlit buttons
- Fully compatible with Analog Four MKI projects / data
- Dimensions: 385 × 225 × 82 mm
- Weight: 2.4 kg

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