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Empress S&D Compressor Bass - Blue Sparkle

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  • Empress S&d Compressor Bass Blue Sparkle - Compressor, sustain & noise gate effect pedal for bass - Main picture
  • Empress S&d Compressor Bass Blue Sparkle - Compressor, sustain & noise gate effect pedal for bass - Variation 1
  • Empress S&d Compressor Bass Blue Sparkle - Compressor, sustain & noise gate effect pedal for bass - Variation 2
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Compressor, sustain & noise gate effect pedal for bass

When Empress released our original Compressor back in 2011, it quickly became a favourite among guitar and bass players alike who were searching for something more than the typical oversimplified controls found on most compressor pedals. Although this original Compressor sounded great on bass (and still does!) Empress set out to do even better.

On top of the full range of features and controls normally only seen in high end studio equipment, such as input and gain reduction metering, independent attack and release controls, a mix knob for parallel compression, and an external sidechain insert, we’ve now added a fully variable sidechain high pass filter, and a two position ‘tone + colour’ circuit which adds gentle tone sculpting and harmonic distortion, giving your bass some delicious character.

EMPRESS S&D Compressor Bass Blue Sparkle compact effect pedal is a limited edition offered in a special finish.
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Technical sheet

  • EMPRESS S&D Compressor Bass Silver Sparkle
  • SKU Empress EMPBASSC
  • All Analog Signal Path - no digitals in here!
  • Extremely Transparent - Add dynamic control without altering the original tone of your instrument
  • 3 Compression Ratios - 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios offer lots of flexibility
  • Attack and Release Control - allows for ultimate control over the compression characteristics
  • Mix - Blend uncompressed signal in with the compressed signal for parallel compression, New York Style!
  • Metering - Meter both gain reduction and input levels on separate meters.
  • Tone - New tone knob, a "tilt" sytle tone knob centered at 500Hz to nail that perfect tone.
  • Sidechain Send/Return- 3.5mm TRS jack send and return for sidechain compresson.
  • Sidechain High Pass Filter - No need to add a high pass filter to the sidechain, now there is one built in that can be toggled off or set to 120 or 240Hz.
  • True Display LEDs - Bright multi-color LEDs always let you know what the compressor is doing.
  • Power On Bypassed or Engaged - For musicians that never want to turn their compressor off.
  • True Bypass so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.
  • 2.5 x 4.8 x 2.6 inches
  • 63.5 x 121.92 x 66.04 mm
  • 1lbs / 0.45kg
  • Manual : https://empresseffects.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/1000295084-bass-compressor-manual
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