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Esi audio MoCo

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The brand Esi audio

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Midi interface

The MoCo is a midi interface offered by the ESI Audio brand.

MoCo is a fully passive monitoring controller that allows you to perfectly control the listening volume of your studio monitors.

“Fully passive” means that no active components that could alter the audio signal are involved, ensuring the maximum sound quality from your studio monitors. MoCo offers two separate stereo inputs (one on balanced 1/4" TRS connectors, the other on unbalanced RCA and unbalanced 1/8" TRS) and two separate stereo outputs (balanced XLR + balanced / unbalanced 1/4" TRS connectors more unbalanced 1/8" TRS connectors). MoCo does not change your asymmetrical signals into balanced ones: what comes in, comes out!

You can easily select the input signal and assign it to different outputs via its separate switches and buttons. You can also switch the outgoing signal to mono to ensure the correct compatibility of your playback source or quickly mute the audio signal by pressing the 'Mute' button. Quick reversal of left and right channels is also possible. Finally, use the large button in the center of the MoCo to control the volume in real time.
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Technical sheet

  • Inputs
    • 2x balanced mono TRS inputs 6.35 mm (input A)
    • 2x unbalanced mono RCA inputs (input B)
    • 1x unbalanced stereo mini-jack 1/8" input (input B)
  • Outputs
    • 2x balanced mono XLR outputs (output A)
    • 2x balanced/unbalanced mono TRS outputs 1/4" (output B)
    • 1x unbalanced stereo mini-jack 1/8" output (output B)
  • Volume Control
    • High-quality potentiometer for passive volume control
  • Switches
    • A/B input selection switch
    • L/R switch to swap left and right audio channels
  • Buttons
    • Independent A and B buttons to activate and deactivate outputs
    • Downmix mono button (mixes left to right and right to left channels)
    • Mute button to instantly cut the output signal
  • Dimensions
    • 164 x 130 x 55 mm
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