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Expressive e Noisy 2

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Plug-in effect

The Noisy 2 is a plug-in offered by the brand Expressive E.

Key Features of Noisy 2

  • Noisy 2 blends acoustic and analog resonators into lively sounds
  • Designed for MPE and expression, this synthesizer makes sound design more enjoyable
  • The unmatched richness and sensitivity of the Osmose MIDI controller make it the ideal companion to fully harness the power of Noisy 2

Key Functions of Noisy 2

A character engine and modal-acoustic freshness

Noisy 2 introduces modal synthesis with the addition of four new acoustic resonators. Additionally, the Noise module has been enhanced to include meticulously designed new noise types, opening up new acoustic horizons.

A full-character engine upgrade and distinctive analog timbres

Discover the analog side of Noisy 2 with its new pulse width modulation (PWM) resonator, four new filter emulations, and an enhanced software clipper now featuring feedback.

Use Noisy 2 with any MIDI controller

Noisy 2 is designed for plug-and-play use with all expressive MIDI controllers such as Osmose, Touché, Push 3, Seaboard, etc. No MPE controller? No problem. A classic mode allows you to enjoy Noisy 2's unique acoustic synthesizer timbres and add movement to your sound simply using your modulation wheel or a generic button controller. There are 700 presets available that do not require MPE.

The most advanced MPE integration

Noisy 2 offers a new MPE mode that goes beyond traditional MPE integration to fully exploit the potential of this advanced MIDI standard.

Expert Reviews

  • Noisy 2 excels in faithfully reproducing organic sound textures and complex electronic timbres. Its ability to generate dynamic and expressive sounds makes it a preferred choice for music industry professionals seeking innovation and quality.
  • Its interface is intuitively designed, allowing users to easily navigate between settings and presets while exploring endless sonic possibilities. The ergonomic design promotes seamless and immersive music creation, suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.
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Technical sheet

  • Expressive E Hardware Compatibility
    • Designed for Osmose and Touché (SE)
  • Software Compatibility
    • macOS 11 (Big Sur) and later versions (Apple Silicon and Intel chips)
    • Windows 10 and above
    • Minimum recommended processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or Ryzen 5 2600 (i7 or Ryzen recommended)
    • Minimum recommended RAM: 4 GB
  • Compatibility
    • VST2, VST3, and audio units
  • Presets
    • MPE Mode: 500 main presets and 1,000 layer presets
    • Non-MPE Mode: 700 main presets (400 from Noisy 1, 300 new factory presets) and 1,400 layer presets
    • *Also available via Lié for Touché (SE) users
  • License System
    • iLok, no hardware dongle required, up to 3 activations

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