Foxgear TW-100 Miniamp

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Electric guitar amp head

The TW-100 is clearly inspired to 60’s and 70’s era of Fender Amplifiers, and exactly reproduces that kind of tone. Big Headroom, punch, Bass, and brilliant High frequencies that make it one of the best clean amp of history. Our Miniamp series is designed to be the best friend of any pedal and offers the best solution for rehearsals, gigs, home practice, studio applications, without compromises. The Analog Variable Cabinet Simulator is a 100% analog simulation of different EQ curves that speakers and microphones apply to your amplifier in real life, and with a simple and effective knob, makes you able to find your best sweet-spot to make the direct out sounds exactly like your real speaker behind your back. It is not just another post EQ control, it works on the feedback of certain frequencies, making the cab simulator so much powerful and versatile. You can easily find on youtube some test we did with the previous model Tweed55, comparing it directly with a real Fender Blackface ’67 Twin Amp, using his own speaker and having exactly the same tone. Now it’s available in 100W rms of power into 4 Ohms, so it will be always enough, no matter which cab impedance you have. Just bring your TW-100 into your gig bag and connect it to any speaker, to any PA, simultaneously or even just the XLR out with no cab connected. No regrets, No tone compromises.
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Technical sheet

  • Custom shop No
  • Power of the guitar amplifier 100 watts and more
  • Technology Transistors
  • Inspired by vintage Fender amps
  • 100w (4Ω)
  • Controls : Volume of preamp, master and XLR
  • 3-bands EQ
  • Varicab selector to choose between 3 cab simulators
  • Dimensions cm: 9 x 12,7 x 3
  • Power supply included

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