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Golden age PRE-73 MK4

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The PRE-73 MK4 is a preamp offered by the Golden Age brand.

The Pre 73 MKIV represents the latest major evolution of Golden Age Audio's 73 style preamps, a series already renowned for its popularity. Inheriting the spirit of classic British consoles, the Pre-73 MKIV delivers warm, punchy, smooth and musical sound. Ideal for coloring your favorite mics and maintaining impeccable sonic purity, it also functions as a line preamp and direct box for electric guitars and basses. Harness classic console sound and maximize the use of your microphone collection.

Activate the -14dB pad to tame loud signals or maintain maximum transparency by adjusting gain and modulating the output. Further refine your sound with the selectable low-pass filter to eliminate unwanted low frequencies right out of the box. The 'Air' EQ adds brightness and presence to your highs. Finally, the Low-Z switch allows you to choose between 1200 or 300 Ω resistors for optimal responsiveness of your microphones.
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Technical sheet

  • Type of preamp Transistor
  • Style
    • Vintage
  • Integrated Circuit
    • None in the signal path
  • Maximum Gain
    • 80 dB
  • Switchable Gain Range
    • 20 - 80 dB
  • Switchable Mode
    • MIC/LINE (30 dB reduced gain), AIR EQ with +3 dB or +6 dB boost at 30 kHz
  • Switchable High-Pass Filters
    • Two (HP1 at 40 Hz, HP2 at 170 Hz) 6 dB/octave
  • Tantalum Capacitors
    • In the signal path
  • Switchable Impedance
    • 1200 Ohm or 300 Ohm (MIC mode)
  • Output Circuit
    • PAD
  • Phantom Power
    • +48 V
  • Phase Switch
    • Yes
  • LED Meter
    • 4-stage and power LED
  • Format
    • 9.5" 1U
  • Weight
    • approx. 3.5 kg
  • Power Supply Included
    • Includes external power block
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