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New Ibanez BTMINI Booster

Volume, boost & expression effect pedal
99.00 € 90.00 €
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The IBANEZ BTMINI Booster ultra compact effect pedal features three controls BASS, TREBLE and LEVEL. Unlike a single knob booster, the BASS and TREBLE EQ enables significant tonal flexibility. For example, while set to the ""Wide Range"" setting (Turing Bass and Treble all the way up) the guitar tone will become broader, with more volume and presence across the entire frequency range, and the ""Mid Boost"" setting is ideal for cutting though a band mix.
All of the design, development, production, and quality control for the BTMINI has been done in Japan.
The BTMINI also features a Japanese-made JRC MUSES 8820, a high-quality op-amp used in amplifiers that delivers tonal brightness, even while the amp is pushed into overdrive. A true bypass switch provides the shortest, most direct signal path, as well as the cleanest possible sound. The BTMINI offers increased tonal flexibility, enhancing creative possibilities, while occupying minimal space on your pedalboard.


Ref : 98662
- For guitar
- Compact effect pedal
- Made in Japan
- 2021
- 100% pure analog circuitry
- Controls : see pictures
- Connections : see pictures
- True Bypass
- Powered with optional power supply (DC 9V, center-negative, 12mA)
- Doesn't work with battery
- 60 x 93 x 56 mm
- 270 g

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