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Kawai CN39SB

Digital piano with stand
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The touch of an acoustic piano
The responsive Hammer III keyboard mechanics (3 sensors, escape simulation, weighted hammers and counterweight on each key) recreates the touch of a grand piano. Without springs, this mechanism allows a realistic and stable movement and a natural and fluid interpretation.
The 3-sensor key sensing system increases response and accuracy while structural improvements within the mechanics help minimize noise and horizontal key swing during fortissimo and staccato passes.

The weight of the keyboard is graduated to reflect the heaviness of the bass hammers and the lightness of the treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while the escape simulation recreates the perceived click when you very lightly press the keys of a piano tailed. These features allow pianists to repeat songs in their repertoire with confidence and guarantee the absence of unpleasant surprises when they play acoustic pianos.
The excellent balance of weighted hammers and counterweights helps to lighten the touch of the keyboard when pianissimo passages and produce a powerful sound when the keys are hit more strongly.

The CN39 incorporates by default high-end 'Ivory touch' touch surfaces. This fine-textured material absorbs perspiration and finger sebum for improved feel and has a natural, matte, soft, non-slippery finish. Moisture is absorbed by avoiding the infiltration of dirt or grease on the surface, allowing the keys to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The sound of an acoustic piano
With the Progressive Harmonic Imaging technique, the sound of each of the 88 keys has been individually sampled from the prestigious Kawai-EX concert piano to ensure even more accurate reproduction of the sound source.
Each key is also recorded at different volumes, from pianissimos to fortissimos. The CN39 offers a very detailed acoustic portrait thanks to this unique sampling technology that guarantees smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and dynamic range. The effects and reverb options enhance the musical interpretation and reflect the sound projection of an acoustic piano.

Finally, the CN 39's Virtual Technician functions numerically simulate the various tuning and tuning capabilities of acoustic pianos, allowing musicians to shape different aspects of the piano's character to suit their personal preferences, before saving favorite settings in the piano. Memory.

The diversity of a digital piano
The CN39 incorporates the functions of lesson, magic concert (176 pieces), demonstration (31 pieces) dual mode and split mode, a recorder 10 tracks on 2 tracks (90,000 notes), polyphony 256 notes, 352 sounds and 9 drum kits, many effects. The CN 39 Dual and Four Hands game modes let you combine different sounds or split the keyboard into two sections to play duets.

The CN39's recorder allows you to store up to 10 songs on 2 tracks so you can record left and right hand parts or two different instrumental lines separately, then replay them together.

The USB to device connector allows you to save the songs and settings saved in the internal memory to a USB flash memory or load the data prepared on one instrument to another ... a handy tool for school music workshops!
With an impressive selection of GM2 instrument and drum sounds and a 256-note polyphony, the CN37 can play and record multi-track SMF (Standard Midi Format) files from a USB stick with incredible realism and musicality.

USB devices can also be used to listen to MP3 or WAV audio files; the musicians can thus accompany their favorite artists or simply learn chords of a new piece. It is even possible to save and save the performances as an MP3 / WAV file and send them by email.


Ref : 90839
- Number of keys : 88 keys
- Piano color : black
- Piano type : upright
- Touch : heavy touch
- Keyboard: 88 keys and Ivory Touch surfaces
- Mechanism: Responsive Mechanics Hammer III (RH III) with exhaust, 3 sensors, weighted hammers and counterweight on keys
- Sound Source: Progressive Harmonic Imaging ™ (PHI), 88-note piano sampling
- Built-in sounds: 352 voices + 9 battery kits, GM2 compatibility
- Polyphony: max. 256 ratings
- Display: 2 lines of 16 characters LCD
- Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral
- Effects: Chorus, Classic Chorus, Stereo Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary (1-3), Phaser + Amp, Auto Pan + Amp
- Dual mode: Yes, with balance adjustment
- Split mode: Yes, with balance adjustment, choice of split point, Four Hands Mode
- Recorder: 10 tracks, 2 tracks - max. 90,000 notes
- Metronome: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 + 100 drum rhythms Adjustable tempo & volume
- USB functions: Play & Record MP3 / WAV / MID, MP3 / WAV Overdub, Song to Audio Converter, Save & Save Song / Registration, Save Song SMF, Rename File, Delete File, USB Format
- Keyboard setting: Light +, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy +, Off (Constant)
- Magic Concert: 176 pieces
- Demo: 31 pieces
- Other functions: Key / Song Transpose, Tone Control, Speaker Volume, Line Out Volume, Audio Recorder Gain, Tuning, Hold Damper, Four Hands, Start Up Settings, Factory Reset, Auto Reset Power Off, Registrations, Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal On / Off, Layer Octave Shift, Layer Dynamics, MIDI Channel, Send PGM #, Local Control, Transmit PGM #, Multi-timbral Mode, Channel Mute
- Pedals: Mute pedal (with half-pedal support), sostenuto pedal, left pedal. Grand Feel Pedal System
- Sockets: MIDI (IN / OUT), USB (to Host, to Device), LINE IN (L / MONO, R), LINE OUT (L / MONO, R), Headset x 2
- Speaker: 13 cm x 2 (woofer), (8 x 12 cm) x 2 (loud speaker)
- Output power: 20 W x 2
- Dimensions: 144.5 x 43.5 x 88.0 mm
- Weight: 54.0 kgs

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