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Kawai KDP 120 BK

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Digital piano with stand

The KDP120 digital piano is the newest addition to our line of instruments for home use, combining our prestigious weighted action, exceptional grand piano tones and elegant cabinetry at a very affordable price.

With 88 weighted keys, the KDP120's keyboard responds like a real piano action, while the grand piano sounds are guaranteed to inspire. It also features Bluetooth® connectivity, built-in lessons and an internal sequencer, making it an ideal choice for beginner pianists looking for their first instrument or for more experienced players who want a second piano for quiet practice with headphones.
New KDP120 - A great introduction to Kawai quality at an affordable price.
Acoustic Piano Touch: The new compact Responsive Hammer II keyboard action (3 sensors, simulated escapement, weighted hammers and counterweights on each key) recreates the feel of a grand piano. Without springs, this mechanism allows a realistic and stable movement and a natural and fluid interpretation.

The 3-sensor key detection system increases response and accuracy while structural improvements within the action help minimize noise and horizontal key oscillation during fortissimo and staccato passages.

The keyboard weight is graduated to reflect the heaviness of the bass hammers and the lightness of the treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while the simulated escapement recreates the click you feel when you press the keys of a grand piano very lightly. These features allow pianists to practice their repertoire with confidence and ensure that there are no surprises when playing acoustic pianos.

The excellent balance of weighted hammers and counterweights allows for a lighter touch on pianissimo passages and a powerful sound when the keys are struck harder.

The KDP 120 comes standard with premium Ivory touch keytops. This fine-textured material absorbs perspiration and finger oils to improve touch and has a natural, matte finish that is soft without being slippery. Moisture is absorbed, preventing the infiltration of dirt or grease on the surface, allowing the keys to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The sound of an acoustic piano: With Progressive Harmonic Imaging, the sound of each of the 88 keys has been individually sampled from the prestigious Kawai-EX concert grand piano to ensure an even more faithful reproduction of the acoustic source.

Each key is also recorded at different volumes, from pianissimo to fortissimo. The KDP 120 offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait thanks to this unique sampling technology, which ensures smooth tonal transitions throughout the keyboard and dynamic range.

The effects and reverb options enhance the musical performance and reflect the sound projection of an acoustic piano.

Finally, the Virtual Technician features of the KPD 120 digitally simulate the various settings and adjustments of acoustic pianos, allowing musicians to shape different aspects of the piano's character to suit their personal preferences, before saving favorite configurations in memory.

Digital piano diversity: The KPD 120 features lesson, concert magic (40 songs), demonstration (19 songs), dual and split modes, a 3-song recorder (15,000 notes), 192-note polyphony, 15 preset sounds and effects, MIDI In/Out, USB to PC iPad compatibility (see details of digital functions in the specification tab) and a Bluetooth connection

The KPD 120's Dual and Four Hands playing modes allow you to combine different sounds or split the keyboard into two sections to perform duets.

A true personal evaluation tool for pianists of all levels, the KPD 120's recorder allows you to store up to 3 songs in the internal memory and listen to them at the touch of a button.


  • Ref : 98086
  • - Number of keys : 88 keys
  • - Piano color : black
  • - Piano type : upright
  • - Touch : heavy touch
  • - 88 weighted keys
  • - RH compact II mechanics (Responsive Hammer Compact II with exhaust simulation)?
  • - ?- tones : 15 Progressive Harmonic Imaging
  • - polyphony : 192 notes
  • - LED display
  • - recording : 3 songs, 1 track (10 000 notes)
  • - integrated piano lessons
  • - metronome
  • - effects : reverb, split, dual, transpose.
  • - headphone jacks: 2
  • - MIDI jacks: in, out + MIDI via bluetooth
  • - USB socket: to host, connectivity to an iPad
  • - AUX jacks: in and out
  • - bluetooth connection
  • - pedals : 3 (loud, tonal, soft)
  • - speakers : 20W x 2 (12cm x 2)
  • - dimensions : 136,0 x 40,5 x 85,5 cm
  • - weight : 37 kg

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