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Avec son pad XY révolutionnaire et ses effets innovants et reconnaissables, la série KAOSS, acclamée par la critique, a remodelé le paysage musical, réécrivant les règles des performances live et de l'innovation musicale à travers ses différentes itérations.

KAOSS Replay est un outil de performance autonome qui redéfinit l'héritage KAOSS, en servant de solution tout-en-un pour les musiciens, les interprètes et les producteurs. Il propose des pads et des effets KAOSS inégalés, des capacités de lecture et d'échantillonnage étendues, ainsi que des commandes DJ intuitives et précises. Le tout dans une unité portable autonome, KAOSS Replay facilite les performances endiablées imprégnées de KAOSS à la volée, en éliminant le besoin d'équipement supplémentaire.

KAOSS Replay ouvre un nouveau champ de créativité musicale et des possibilités de performance illimitées.

Un KAOSS autonome

Un rêve devenu réalité pour les musiciens en direct, KAOSS Replay vous permet de vous immerger dans l'essence créative de votre performance sans distraction.

Alimenté par un port USB-C et bénéficiant d'une vaste connectivité embarquée, KAOSS Replay offre une configuration rapide et sans effort, vous garantissant des performances sans stress, sans les tracas des réglages complexes et fastidieux de l'équipement, quel que soit l'endroit où vous vous trouvez.

Dépassant ses prédécesseurs, il introduit un système avancé de lecture de samples et de fonctions de sampling, doté de 128 emplacements d'échantillons (16 pads x 8 banques) pour chacun des 100 projets, garantissant des heures ininterrompues de sets live alimentés par Kaoss.

Encased in a sturdy aluminium body, its sleek, minimalist design strikes the perfect balance between performance-friendly size and backpack-friendly portability.

Unique KAOSS effects

KAOSS Replay builds on the prestigious heritage of the KAOSS family by introducing a rich palette of 128 new KAOSS effects. These range from essential filters, delays and reverbs to imaginative and impressive modulation effects, loopers, vocoders and synthesizer effects. What's more, for the first time in the KAOSS series, KAOSS Replay offers first-class vocal effects that effortlessly adapt to any genre and performance, from subtle vocal correction to precise pitch tuning.

Effects can be effortlessly automated using the PAD MOTION function, or simply held in the desired position using the TOUCH HOLD mode. What's more, the FX Release function ensures smooth transitions, seamlessly integrating your effects into your musical composition.

With a dedicated MIC input, KAOSS Replay simplifies the process of playing, performing and improvising with creative sound effects like never before.

Beyond effects

Featuring 16 high-quality velocity-sensitive pads, KAOSS Replay simplifies and streamlines the process of playing, sampling or resampling. It can accommodate up to 128 slots across 8 banks per project, with support for up to 100 projects, stored on a microSD card for effortless storage and instant swapping.

Featuring dual group assignment and dedicated faders, as well as BPM detection, sync and quantize functions, KAOSS Replay offers a complete toolkit for a seamless performance experience.

What's more, the on-board sample adjustment function, combined with the 12-point Hot Cue triggering system, allows samples to be truly 'played' in a musical and creative way during live performances, opening up a world of dynamic possibilities.

Creativity at your fingertips

KAOSS Replay features a superb 5-inch colour OLED touchscreen that makes operation fluid and intuitive.
Whether you're manipulating effects, editing samples or navigating menus, its touchscreen provides a smooth, comfortable experience. Combined with its dedicated knobs, faders and sample pads, the KAOSS Replay is an immersive and engaging performance tool for all musicians.

Creative live performance

Sampling and resampling have always been essential features of the KAOSS PAD series, and KAOSS Replay takes this capability to new heights. Simply choose a target pad, set the desired number of measures and start capturing your samples effortlessly! Whether you're connecting external instruments via the AUDIO IN input or recording your voice via the dedicated MIC input, KAOSS Replay offers a versatile palette for your creativity.

Edit your samples, apply effects, assign cues, resample... KAOSS Replay opens up a realm of unlimited possibilities, limited only by your imagination.

What's more, KAOSS Replay allows you to record your performances in real time, ensuring that those 'happy accidents' are preserved forever.

The ultimate in portable DJ equipment

KAOSS Replay simplifies the art of performance by taking your live sets to new heights. Ultra-portable and ready to use in seconds, it equips you with all the essential DJ tools, eliminating the need for external equipment. Precise beat-matching, playback quantization, hot cues, monitoring and dual faders, all complemented by the amazing KAOSS FX, make KAOSS Replay a true performance powerhouse.
KAOSS Replay is the ultimate portable DJ tool. It makes it easy to create extended sets and DJ mixes spanning a variety of musical genres.

Bring your tracks back to life

KAOSS Replay is a versatile tool that excels both inside and outside the studio. Its remarkably flexible Surface MIDI mode allows complete customisation, turning it into a highly adaptable MIDI controller. It can also be used as a plug-and-play USB audio interface, integrating seamlessly into your production studio setup.

Once your track is ready, simply load your tracks, one-shots and loops onto your device and let KAOSS do the work!

Live streaming made easy

KAOSS Replay's integrated audio interface, dedicated MIC IN input, powerful and creative vocal effects, and easy sample triggering via pads offer a smart and compact all-in-one solution for streamers looking for a simple, integrated solution with creative effects that can be used intuitively to create a unique live streaming experience.
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Technical sheet

  • Kaoss Pad effect
  • 128 types
  • Exclusive microphone effects
  • Maximum number of projects
  • -100
  • Trigger pad
  • 16 (supports velocity) × eight banks
  • Hot cue
  • Max. 12 (per trigger pad)
  • Number of simultaneous sets
  • 16
  • Audio specifications
  • Linear PCM (48 kHz/16 bit)
  • Recording functions
  • Sampling, resampling
  • Max. 30 min.
  • Max. 100 min.
  • Audio input
  • LINE/PHONO IN socket: RCA socket (select LINE or PHONO.)
  • PHONO GAIN switch (LO/HI)
  • MIC IN socket: Standard jack (? 6.3 mm, monaural TS)
  • * Exclusive for dynamic microphones
  • AUX IN socket: stereo mini-jack socket (? 3.5 mm)
  • * Direct mix to LINE OUT.
  • Audio output
  • LINE OUT socket: RCA socket
  • HEADPHONES socket: Standard stereo jack (? 6.3 mm)
  • Controller input
  • FOOT SW jack: Standard jack (? 6.3 mm, TS)
  • Connect the optional PS-1 or PS-3.
  • USB socket
  • microB (MIDI, Audio (IN x 2ch, OUT x 34ch (48 kHz/16 bit, You must install the KORG KaossReplay audio driver in the Windows environment.)))
  • MIDI socket
  • IN/OUT (DIN 5-pin) and MIDI function are exclusive to the USB socket (IN x 1 port, OUT x 1 port).
  • External storage
  • microSD card, microSDHC card (32 GB max)
  • * Class 10 or higher, UHS-I (U1) recommended (However, this does not guarantee operation with all cards.)
  • Product dimensions
  • 185 (W) x 284 (D) x 56 (H) mm
  • Product weight
  • 2.0 kg
  • * Without microSD card and AC adapter.
  • Power supply
  • DC 5V/3A
  • Accessories
  • Owner's manual (Quick Start Guide)
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable (Type A to microB, 1 m)
  • microSDHC card (inserted into the microSD card slot in the main body when shipped).
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