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Korg Volca Mix

Analog mixing desk

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The volca mix is the long-awaited mixer for the volca series offering four analog channels as well as an intuitive interface, stereo speakers and many connectivity.

It is the perfect companion to build your volca set-up and use them easily live or on the road.

A multifunction mixer for your performance
The volca mix provides a total of three mini-jack inputs, two mono and one stereo, allowing you to connect three volca models from the headphone output of these. The mixer is of course faders to control the volume of the channels, a gain to adjust the mix balance and Mute buttons to rhythm your creations. Each channel is also equipped with an LO / HI CUT filter that allows you to control the bass and high frequency ranges, giving you full control of your sound.
With its built-in tempo and volume settings and playback button, the volca mix becomes the control tower of your volca set-up, synchronizing all other team members.

All you need for a live or mobile use
The volca mix offers stereo line outputs in RCA format to ensure an ideal connection during a live. It has a master volume equipped with an LED VU meter to adjust the output level, as well as a headphone output that can be used simultaneously with the line output, providing a reliable monitoring environment on stage.
You are often on the move? No worries, stereo speakers are also built for mobile use. Although compact, these speakers deliver an even higher sound level than the speakers built into the previous volca units. In addition, the DC outputs present allow you to power three volca simultaneously. Only one outlet will be required.


Ref : 78546
- Mixer connectivity : without computer connection
- Number of channel mixing desk : 4 channels and less
- Mélangeur de quatre canaux compact multifonction
- Faders de volume et filtre LO/HI CUT pour soit superbe
- Capacités de production et moniteur pour utilisent sur scène, ainsi que haut-parleurs stéréo pour une portabilité maximale.
- Des effets puissants et control
Master Chain vous permet control dynamique
- Envoyer out et auxiliaire pour la connexion des effets externes
- Fonction de synchronisation qui peut agir comme le maître d'une installation live
- Libère encore plus de potentiel sur la volca série
- DC out peut alimenter jusqu'à trois volca unités
- Adaptateur CA / CC, DC / DC câbles et câbles audio sont inclus avec l'appareil

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