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Modal electronics Cobalt 8X

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The Cobalt 8x is a virtual analog 8-voice synthesizer.

The COBALT8X is a synthesizer using virtual analog technology, which emulates the warm and powerful sounds of the synthesizers of the past, with its characteristic aesthetics. This digital technology allows musicians to develop all their creativity by going beyond the limits of the analog synthesizers of the time, to explore new sounds and new sound textures.
The COBALT8 offers a number of impressive features that are hard to imagine on a single analog synthesizer.
The COBALT8 is equipped with the same famous 61-note keyboard from the Italian manufacturer FATAR TP/9S as its predecessor ARGON8X, guaranteeing a very high quality of workmanship. Sensitive to velocity and with an aftertouch, this keyboard is your ideal playing companion. The interface includes 29 endless encoders and 24 buttons, as well as a 4-axis joystick to which a large number of modulations can be assigned. The USB connection offers the possibility to view the many parameters of the keyboard's filters, LFO or envelope in real time with impressive clarity.


Ref : 96324
- Number of keys : 61 keys
- Touch : light touch
- Type of synthesizer : analog
- Touch: dynamic with aftertouch
- Key format: large
- Finish : Blue
- Display: OLED 1.6".
- Category: Virtual Analog Synthesizer
- Type of synthesis: VA
- LFO : 3
- Filters: 4-pole morphable scale filter with resonance and 4 switchable configurations
- Inputs: expression pedal, sustain pedal, Midi, stereo minijack, sync In, USB Midi
- Outputs: Midi, headphones, 2 x jack, sync out
- Provided software: MODALapp (free)
- Envelope: attack - decay - sustain - release - depth
- Controller: 24 buttons, 29 encoders
- Backup type: flash Rom
- Sound generator: analog modeling
- Dimensions (mm): 855 x 300 x 100
- Weight (kg): 9 kg
- Velocity Sensitive: Yes
- Aftertouch : Yes
- Sequencer: Yes
- Arpeggiator : Yes
- Transposition: Yes
- User memories: 500
- Number of effects: 3
- Number of keys: 61
- Polyphony max : 8
- Number of presets: 300
- Complementary Specs : - True polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer 8 voices
- 64 high-resolution virtual analog analog oscillators, up to 8 per voice
- 2 groups of independent and autonomous oscillators with sinusoidal, pulse, triangle, sawtooth waveforms.
- 34 different algorithms including complex analog synthesis techniques, integrated crossmodulation (SYNC, RM and more), PWM, soft morphing between VA waves, bit crushing, filtered noise.
- 3 dedicated envelope generators for amplification, modeling and filters that can be accessed independently or simultaneously, with negative (inverted) versions for modulation and filter envelopes.
- 3 LFOs with tempo synchronization (2 polyphonic, 1 global) with 7 different shapes
- 8 assignable modulation slots and 4 additional fixed modulation routings for common assignments, with 12 modulation sources and 55 modulation destinations
- Real-time sequencer, 512 notes with polyphonic modes and 4 animations with recordable/editable parameters
- 3 powerful independent and user-configurable stereo effect engines with Chorus, Phaser, Flanger (Positive and Negative/Reverse), Tremolo, LoFi, Rotary, Stereo Delay, Ping-Pong Delay, X-over Delay and Reverb that can be arranged in any order.
- 500 fully editable user patches, delivered with 300 factory programs
- 100 pre-programmed sequences that can be linked to any patch
- 100 built-in effect presets
- 8 quick recall slots accessible via the front panel, offering quick loading of your favorite patches
- FATAR TP/9S 61-key high-end keyboard with channel aftertouch and velocity-sensitive keys
- 29 rotary encoders, 24 buttons
- 4-axis joystick that can be assigned to a wide range of modulation destinations and virtually locked if required
- Multiple keyboard modes (mono, poly, unison 2, unison 4, unison 8, stack 2 and stack 4)
- Slip and portamento, with Legato and Staccato modes
- Steel and aluminum frame cut for touring
- Power supply 9V DC / 1.5A, positive center

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