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New Mooer D7X2 Delay

Reverb, delay & echo effect pedal
169.00 € 129.00 €
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The first pedal to get the X2 treatment is the D7 X2 Delay Pedal. This pedal features more than double the effects of its skinnier brother, the D7 Delay, while also adding stereo inputs and outputs. The array of delay effects in the D7 X2 have a wide range from classic analog and tape delays to more modern and experimental delays such as “Low-Bit”, “Galaxy”, and “PingPong”. Adjustable parameters are different based on each effect and can be customized with the Tweak 1 and Tweak 2 knobs. Additional parameters can be adjusted by using the MIX, TIME, and FEEDBACK knobs. Timing of each delay can be adjusted with the TIME knob or by using the TAP TEMPO footswitch for quick adjustments on the fly.


Ref : 102729
- 14 built-in delay effects
- Tap-tempo support for easy speed control
- Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally
- Storable presets can be recalled quickly
- Input: 1/4” mono audio input jack *2 (1M ohms)
- Output: 1/4” mono audio output jack *2 (510 ohms)
- Power requirement: 9V power supply (center negative)
- Current draw: 300mA
- Recommended to use only the original power supply included with the pedal. Using third-party power supplies may cause noise or other unexpected issues.
- Dimension: 75mm (D) x 115mm (W) x 33mm (H)
- Weight: 0.334kg

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