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Stage keyboard

The Nord Piano-Grand is a heavy touch keyboard designed to meet all the needs of the stage musician, but no compromise has been made on sound quality and manufacturing quality.

The Nord Grand features a superior quality weighted keyboard mechanism with advanced triple sensors that detect hammer movements with exceptional precision, providing a playing feel as smooth and natural as that of a real grand piano.

In addition to its low weight, the Nord Grand integrates the usual performance features and user interface known for an extraordinary gaming experience.
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  • Number of keys : 88 keys
  • Piano color : red
  • Touch : heavy touch
  • 88-note keyboard with triple heavy touch sensors
  • Nord virtual hammer action technology (allows you to play a second note without having to let the key go all the way up)
  • oLed display for improved overview and visibility
  • Advanced layer and split function with crossfade management from Nord Stage 3
  • Audible seamless transition between two sounds
  • Piano section
  • Section that includes carefully multisampled acoustic and digital pianos (Nord piano library format*), stored in flash Rom (2 GB)
  • Polyphony of 120 notes
  • Advanced string resonance technology (Gen 2) for an ultra-realistic reproduction of the sympathetic resonance between the strings
  • 3 specific filters
  • 3 dynamics curves
  • Dynamic simulation of pedal sounds with the included Nord triple pedal
  • Long release
  • Synth sample section
  • 512 MB of flash rom allocated to the storage of samples from the Nord sample library** or the Nord qample editor software
  • 30+ voices of polyphony
  • attack/release and dynamics controls (filter and velocity)
  • Each sample is replaceable with the Nord sound manager software
  • Effects section
  • Tube overdrive simulation
  • Vibe effect
  • Separate reverb/delay effect
  • Tremolo, pan, ring-mod and wah-wah can be controlled with a footswitch
  • Connections
  • 2 audio outputs, 1 headphone output, 1 monitor input 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 pedal control input, 1 input for sustain pedal (or triple pedal), 1 input for rotary speaker speed control
  • Midi in, Midi out
  • USB port (management of internal sounds, updates and Midi data)
  • Triple pedal included
  • Weight and dimensions. 20.9 kg - 1286 x 168 x 387 mm
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