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Novation AFX Station

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**AFX mode.

The "AFX Mode" was designed by Aphex Twin himself, to make the Bass Station II a dream synth. In AFX mode, each key becomes a new patch, revolutionizing the way Bass Station II can be played. With a completely different sound on each key, the instrument turns into an extremely powerful analog drum module, a sound design beast, or an extreme bass or machine. Whether playing, sequencing or using the arpeggiator, AFX mode brings enormous creativity to users' musical creations. The screen printing of the AFX mode functions shows how to unleash the potential of the new features .

**New look approved by Aphex Twin.**

The new look and the famous "A" logo make the AFX Station not only an incredible synth, but also a collector's item. The silkscreen printing provides easy access to the functions of the AFX mode, making it easy to activate the new features. The limited edition box was designed by Weirdcore, a long-time collaborator of Aphex Twin. It features customized illustrations inside and out with a very unique finish.

**New artist patches.

The AFX Station comes with 128 new synth patches and seven new soundbanks designed by Noyze Lab, Perplex On, Richard Devine, r beny and Lightbath, which channel the creative vision of Aphex Twin. Novation's Components editor allows total control over the management of the AFX Station's behavior in AFX mode .


Ref : 95980
- Number of keys : less than 49 keys
- Touch : light touch
- Type of synthesizer : numerical modeling
- New look approved by Aphex Twin: easy access to AFX mode functions
- Limited edition gift box : designed by Weirdcore
- New artist patches: 128 new patches and seven new banks
- AFX mode editor in Novation Components
- Main features of the v4.14 firmware, pre-installed in the AFX Station
- Extended sub-oscillator controls
- Glide Diverge" oscillator: allows to slow down the glide time of oscillator 2 in relation to
to oscillator 1
- Edition of the " microtuning ".
- Paraphonic mode: The pitches of each of the two oscillators can be controlled.
separately in its single-voice architecture. Two notes can be played at the same time rather
only one, and users can get interesting interactions through the Ring and Filter mod.

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