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  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Main picture
  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Variation 1
  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Variation 2
  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Variation 3
  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Variation 4
  • Nux Mighty Plug Pro - Electric guitar preamp - Variation 5
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Electric guitar preamp

In addition to all the features of its little brother, the Mighty Plug, the new Pro version offers a larger number of models and effects, as well as some very useful and connected new functions! The TS/AC-HD (high definition) digital modelling algorithm gives you access to professional quality modelling with a dynamic and natural sound for guitar and bass!
With the free Mighty Amp™ (Android/iOS) or Mighty Editor™ (PC) apps, you can control all available amps, impulse responses (IR) and effects, and set and save them as you wish. There are 7 presets available with an active function: presets selectable via the app, or directly via the main select button on the Mighty Plug Pro. This allows you to scroll through the presets without necessarily using the mobile app if you wish. Within your presets, all the different "effect blocks" can be arranged as you wish: i.e. your compressor can be placed before or after your overdrive, or anywhere in your sound signal! In addition, each preset now allows for independent volume for variations of playing and soloing as you wish. As for IRs, many are already on board, for electric, acoustic or bass guitars, and you can also load third-party IRs via the PC software.

Ever more versatile and connected!

With its metronome and drum machine function via Mighty Amp™, you can practice your rhythm and play easily in silence, but also practice on built-in backing tracks, or import your own to work on your solos on your favorite songs, and spot the passages to work on precisely! The Mighty Plug Pro also gives you the ability to record and stream in a simple and intuitive way, so you can become a modern, connected guitarist!
The Mighty Plug Pro also offers you the possibility to record and stream in a simple and intuitive way, to become a modern and connected guitarist!
As you can see, in addition to being a compact and powerful headphone preamp, controllable via Bluetooth through the mobile/tablet app, the Mighty Plug Pro offers much more and can be used as an audio interface, to easily record yourself with pro quality on your PC via USB-C cable. This makes recording, reamping or even livestreaming on social networks via your DAW a breeze, without the headache of complicated technical set-up!
With its powerful 48 kHz, 32-bit system and near-zero latency (1.2 ms), the Mighty Plug Pro allows you to explore guitar and bass with ease and modernity, for up to 5 hours with its lithium battery that can be recharged simply via the included USB-C cable. No more excuses, this Pro headphone preamp is the perfect solution for playing guitar or bass anywhere with your favorite presets, and even recording and livestreaming with ease, anytime!


  • Ref : 106752
  • - Technology : transistors
  • - Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • - Power supply included: Yes
  • - Category: Headphone preamp
  • - Dimensions (mm): 81 x 41 x 30
  • - No. of channels: 7
  • - Weight (kg) : 70 g
  • - Complementary specs :
  • - Compact headphone amp for guitar and bass with Bluetooth and dedicated app
  • - Enhanced version of the Mighty Plug (MP-2) with more features and live streaming applications
  • - TS/AC-HD amplifier modeling algorithm for realistic and natural sound
  • - Electric Guitar: 16 amp models, 24 speaker IRs
  • - Bass: 3 amp models, 7 IR speakers
  • - Acoustic guitar: 2 amp models
  • - 43 effects and 3 acoustic guitar IR models
  • - 7 presets with active functions
  • - Effect blocks: Comp, EFX, Amp, IR, EQ, MOD, Delay, Reverb can be freely arranged
  • - Built-in noise gate
  • - Stereo delay and reverb effects
  • - Metronome and drum machine + backtracking functions via Mighty Amp™ app
  • - USB-C connection: USB audio interface, reamping, livestream via USB (Loop Back function)
  • - Bluetooth 4.2 two modes: audio transmission and app
  • - Free Mighty Amp™ mobile/tablet app (for Android/iOS)
  • - Mighty Editor™ PC app for parameter control and preset editing and IR loader
  • - Impulse response (IR): 512 sample resolution
  • - 36 high-quality built-in IRs and 18 third-party slots
  • - Sampling rate: 48 kHz, 32 bit
  • - Ultra low system latency of 1.2 milliseconds
  • - Controls: headphone level +/-
  • - Output: 3.5mm mini headphones with TRRS support
  • - Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V / 1450 mAh)
  • - Battery life: 5 hours of play
  • - Charging via USB-C 5V port (cable included)

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