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Okko Motörbass Distortion

Overdrive, distortion, fuzz effect pedal for bass
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In memory of one of the (if not THE) last true rock’n’roll icons, her's the OKKO Motörbass Distortion compact effect pedal. You’re all familiar with Lemmy’s signature sound – ultra powered rumbling grind, distorted, slightly fuzzy with a lot of edge and definition for high speed hammering powerchords.

It would be presumptuous to claim you could get the exact sound of the iconic modified Marshall Super Bass stack from a 9-volts-powered box... but the Motörbass captures that sonic character and we’re pretty happy with the result.

When trying the recreate the Lemmy sound with distortion pedals you easily run into problems. Bass distortions often lack the aggressive edge or get muddy when playing chords. Guitar distortions usually cut too much low end and often sound too fizzy. The MOTÖRBASS runs on an internal voltage of 24 volts*. Paired with carefully chosen filtering, this massive headroom ensures for a raw but tight distortion sound all across the fretboard.

The MOTÖRBASS is not only for die hard Motörhead fanatics but for every bass player wanting a powerful, tight rock sound. Now, grab a pick and PLAY HARD!
Btw., don’t lend it to your guitar player, chances are you’ll never get it back...


Ref : 100927
- OKKO Motörbass Distortion
- Motörhead Lemmy's style saturation
- Compact effect pedal
- Made in Germany
- 2022
- Controls & connections : see pictures & manual
- Power supply via battery or optional 9VDC adapter 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel plug; polarity: (-) center

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