Old blood noise BL-52 Phase Repeater

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  • Old Blood Noise Bl-52 Phase Repeater - Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal - Main picture
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Modulation, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo effect pedal

BL-52 is a phase repeater pedal within our BL line. Phase repetition is a unique effect to OBNE - it lives between phaser and reverb, sounding almost like a room constantly changing in size and materials, with a clear repeat one moment and a diffuse repeat the next. The Clock slider allows this sound to move quickly and with fidelity, or slowly and darkly, undulating underneath the player.
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Technical sheet

  • Clock to affect the timing of the entire system, moving from faster repeats and motion to long trailing diffuse delays.
  • Feedback to lengthen the decay further.
  • Mix to set effect blend from 100% dry to 100% wet
  • Volume to set overall volume
  • Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise

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