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Lighting as a whole includes many devices such as projectors, effects machines, moving heads,LED scanners ... Each of them has a very precise use, and we will try, through these few lines, to enlighten you (without bad play of words) as to their use.

Traditional lighting

Theater lighting This is the classic projector for stage, able to answer many scenarios.

The PC models, with power ratings ranging from 300 watts to 2000 watts, project an adjustable aperture beam, diffusing uniformly distributed light. These are projectors for "front lighting".

On the other side, Fresnel floodlights have a more luminous beam in the center with an intensity that decreases as it goes down. Its power can reach 12000 watts. They are designed for ambient or backlight effects.

Profile spotlight Primarily used for theatrical use, the profile spotlight is used to separate an element from a set, such as an object or character. They also allow the projection of patterns (gobos).

The profile model is widely used in Music Hall, as backlighting.

PAR "LED" Floodlight These are a very famous type of spotlights, appreciated by lighting designers. Made up of a simple aluminium cylinder and a lamp, its beam provides a beam of light of ellipsoidal shape ("banana shape"). A wide range of colors allows the PAR LED spotlight to create very different atmospheres, while providing the power needed for many different types of events.

Here are the color codes for these projectors:
RGB: Red - Green - Blue
RGBW Red - Green - Blue - White
RGBWA: Red - Green - Blue - White - Amber
RGBW-UV: Red - Green - Blue - White - UV (black light)
RGBWA-UV: Red - Green - Blue - White - Amber - UV (black light)

Please note that there are PAR models available for outdoor use only. They are easily recognizable because they are stamped with an IP index.

Some LED PAR are supplied with a remote control and can be controlled with Dmx, with a controller or a software.

LED Bars They belong to the same family as led PARs, but with a wider range of action.

Stroboscope Producing repeated white flashes, according to the speed of your choice it gives a slow motion effect, cutting the movements of the crowd. Used a lot in nightclubs.

Stage blinder These spotlights are used for a sudden lighting effect, usually aimed at the public. It is also used to' fill' a precise location with light.

Slaved projectors

"Spot" moving heads These are motorized floodlights, whose narrow beam with sharp edges is directed by the orientation of the head. You can change remotely, via a Dmx signal or a Rj45, the color of the beam, the shapes of the beam and its angle. With more motions than scans, up to full rotation.They're frequently usedin nightclubs, concert stages and venues.

"Wash" moving heads Equipped for the most part with Fresnel lenses, these projectors are used for their ability to create many colors with a stream of light, intense in the center and diffuse around the edges. Some Wash models are equipped with frost, zoom or rotating ellipsoids shaped beams that generate an effect similar to a PAR floodlight . This projector allows you to shape its beam to your liking. These are also motorized like the "Spot" moving heads.

"Beam" moving heads Beam heads are often used during shows with smoke diffusion, the light going through the smoke plumes sublimates the effect , with a trichromic color change, and with the added possibility of shaping the beam. More expensive moving head effects incorporate rotating gobos, a rotating prism and a number of different colour wheels giving the user full control over all the light's parameters.

The scanners The scanners incorporate an user-controllable mirror which gives access to its pan and tilt, allowing the beam to be positioned in any direction. Thanks to these two axes, the mirror can reflect the light source towards all surfaces between 180° in "pan" and 90° in "tilt". The scanner sees its beam modulated thanks to gobos, color filters, prism, focus....

Multi-beam lights There are different kinds of multibeams, allowing to obtain many visual effects with RGB LED lighting. They can be controlled along with music, in auto or DMX mode.

Any questions?

You now have all the basics you need to get started and choose your dj headphones. It is obvious that not everything is summarized in this guide and you may have some questions or wish for more advice about your electronic drum kit. The Star's Music team is at your disposal to guide you in our stores or by phone at the 01 80 930 900.