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Pioneer dj VM-50 - one piece

Active studio monitor
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The Pioneer DJ VM-50 is a studio monitor speaker.

High-quality components: Each model in the VM speaker series includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction. Its highly efficient performance results in low distortion and brings increased energy to the sound. The 4 mm-thick rigid aluminum front baffle also suppresses resonance and reduces vibrations, helping the speaker to deliver sound that’s authentic to the original source.
The VM series speakers are voiced flat to ensure you hear the natural sound of the music. But every room reacts differently to audio waves. To help you tweak the output and find the sound that’s perfect for the room you’re working in, each VM speaker includes DSP setting.
• Reach around to the back of the speakers and you’ll find 2 knobs: Low EQ and High EQ. Without needing to look at the rear panel, you can click the knobs into 4 different positions each, giving you 16 possible EQ settings that are simple to engage. Choose the one that sounds best for DJing or producing music in your home or studio, depending on the shape, size, and construction of the room. For example, if your speakers are positioned near to walls or if you’re working at night, you might want to minimize bass vibrations by switching the Low EQ to Room 1 mode. Or if you find that you’re not getting enough treble, you can boost the highest frequencies by switching the High EQ to Room 2 mode.


Ref : 98039
- Monitor color : black
- Monitor conditioning : one piece
- Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP.
- Newly developed waveguide: Constant directivity horn
coupled to a silk dome tweeter.
- 4mm thick aluminium hexagonal front baffle.
- Woofer cone made of pure aramid fibre.
- Vortex bass booster.
- User DSP settings allow the speaker to be adjusted to suit the room.
User DSP settings allow the speaker to be adjusted to suit the room.
- Auto power off switch.
Class D type with DSP
30W LF amplifier
Balanced XLR/TRS input connections
Unbalanced RCA x 1 input connections
Input Impedance 10K Ohms
Dimensions 198x300x265mm
5.25" woofer
Frequency: 40hz-36khz
Weight : 5 kg

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