Pittsburgh modular Taiga Keyboard

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The brand Pittsburgh modular

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Synthetizer and drum machine buying guide

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The PITTSBURGH MODULAR TAIGA KEYBOARD is a paraphonic synthesizer with unique additive elements. It features a 37-note keyboard with aftertouch and full-size keys. It is fully patchable, allowing you to use Taiga Keyboard components as separate modules with external devices or reroute its internal patches. It has a 24hp powered Eurorack modular expansion bay.

There's also a 64-point patchbay for rerouting internal signal flow and integrating external sound and modulation sources. It can be controlled via MIDI, CV, and an integrated pseudo-random sequencing mode. It includes a tempo-synchronized arpeggiator.

The synthesizer includes three 100% analog oscillators developed by Pittsburgh Modular, each with dedicated coarse and fine controls. Oscillator waveforms include sine, triangle, and sawtooth, which can be combined. It features a 6-stage wave folding and shaping circuit that folds incoming waves onto themselves to increase harmonic content.

The oscillators feature frequency modulation (FM), and there's a noise generator with a pitch ranging between pure white and pink noise, perfect for percussion or adding some edge to a sound. It incorporates a "Pittsburgh No-Dead-Spots" multimode filter with variable state (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, modes can be combined) and a sample & hold circuit.

Additionally, there are two analog ADSR envelope generators, a Pittsburgh dynamic section, and two dual-range analog LFOs with square and triangle wave outputs. The high LFO range is from 2 Hz to 500 Hz, and the low range is from 41 seconds to 5 Hz.

It includes a two-channel mixer that can mix both audio and control voltages, a preamplifier utilizing an overdrive limiter circuit with high gain and soft clipping to increase audio signal levels cleanly or provide overdrive/limiting for internal signals.

Furthermore, it features a digital multi-mode tool for modulation control via CV, a random generator, additional LFO, and envelope generator. It has an internal clock with tap tempo and can be clocked by an external source, along with a built-in clock divider.

The device includes echoes - a 100% analog bucket brigade delay. In the box, you'll find 1x Taiga Keyboard, 1x Taiga Keyboard wall-wart power supply, and 10x Amazing Nazca Noodles Patch Cables.
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Technical sheet

  • Number of keys Less than 49 keys
  • Touch Light touch
  • Type of synthesizer Analog
  • Analog echoes
  • Open architecture
  • Modular expansion bay
  • Comprehensive set of modular tools
  • Additional MIDI control and keybed

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