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New Polyend Play

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The Polyend Play is probably the most flexible and inspiring groovebox ever created. With over 3000 samples and 8 audio sequencing tracks, you can create suite rhythms and make them your own with a wide variety of processing and sequence variation tools. Choose and place your sounds anywhere on the matrix grid for a truly intuitive approach to beat creation. Switch to Perform mode to create even more grooves and if that's not enough, take advantage of Play's powerful sequencer to control your external hardware with 8 additional polyphonic MIDI tracks.

Pick & Place - find your sound from over 3000 included samples and place it anywhere on the grid to start building your songs.
Select & Adjust - easily adjust step parameters independently with familiar sample-based controls at your disposal.
Customise each song with 35 different playback modes, Chance and Action Combo, Randomizer and Step Repeater.
Need some inspiration? Use the Smart Fill option to automatically fill the area of your choice with an entire rhythm, random step placement or even a Euclidean spread.
Quickly move data, such as steps, tracks, track pages, variations and patterns, using simple select and copy/paste commands.
Stay in the musical spirit with scale filtering, which allows only the notes of the selected scale to be played for the entire sequence.

Perform mode allows you to make non-destructive changes to your tracks via effects such as Tune, Filter, Overdrive, Rearranger, Reverb and more.
Record live automation or change individual step values on the fly and even record mono or polyphonic MIDI from an external controller or the built-in keyboard.
Customizable pattern chaining lets you 'map' entire sequences anywhere on the grid and execute them in real time.
Master effects; Reverb, Delay, Sound Enhancer, Limiter and Saturator are included to spice up your mix.
Instantly save and recall patterns - ideal in case of problems during a live performance.

8 internal audio tracks and 8 individual polyphonic MIDI tracks combine for powerful integration with your existing instruments.
Over 30,000 track variations are available! That's 128 patterns for 16 tracks, with each individual track containing up to 16 variations.
Each track can have independent lengths (from 1 to 64 steps), different tempos, playback modes and even swing values. Perfect for polymetric and polyrhythmic sequences.
Control your synthesizers and drum machines on individual tracks with the ability to output a separate set of MIDI values per track.
Full MIDI capabilities with flexible MIDI CC mapping per track for individual rotary knobs and the ability to connect an external controller for MIDI note input. You can also connect an external controller for MIDI note input. In addition, you can produce chords, arpeggios, program and bank changes, pitch changes, a clock and much more...


Ref : 102828
1. Powerful sequencer with 8 audio tracks and 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks
2. Minimal learning time
3. Perform mode with real-time effects and punch-in
4. Song Creator function, intuitive and versatile
5. Portable and can be powered by external battery.

- 8 internal audio tracks
- 8 polyphonic MIDI tracks (3 voices)
- Independent track speed, length and balance
- 16 variations per track
- 128 patterns per project
- Advanced randomizer
- Single step repeater
- Chance-action combination
- DJ style filter
- Master FX (Reverb, Delay, Sound, Limiter, Saturation)
- Unique Perform mode with tons of presets
- High quality sample packs included

- 5V/1A USB power supply via USB-C
- Powered by external battery, computer or the included wall adapter
- MIDI input and output (MIDI DIN to MIDI Mini adapter included)
- 1/8" stereo output (1/8" to 1/4" stereo splitter cable included)
- 16GB Micro SD card included with Micro SD to USB adapter

Dimensions and construction
- Rugged anodized aluminum front panel
- High quality mechanical keys and silicone pads
- High resolution display
- Durable encoder and potentiometers.

Dimensions: 20.7 x 28.2 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 1 kg

- Power supply
- Polyend USB C cable
- 3.5mm stereo to 2x 6.3mm mono jack adapter
- Mini-jack to MIDI DIN adapter (Type B)
- 16 GB MicroSD card
- MicroSD to USB-A adapter.

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