Power acoustics FC SCLIVE 4

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Dj flightcase

The FC SC LIVE 4 is a flight case offered by the brand Power Acoustics.

Main Features of the FC SC LIVE 4 by Power Acoustics

  • This flight case is specially designed to accommodate the Denon SC LIVE 4 controller as well as other models with similar dimensions.

Features of the FC SC LIVE 4

Optimal Protection for Your Controller

The FC SC LIVE 4 ensures robust protection for your Denon SC LIVE 4 controller, safeguarding it from shocks, scratches, and dust during your travels.

Customized Design

This flight case is tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit for the controller. Its padded interior securely holds the controller in place, while its sturdy exterior structure provides reliable protection.

Why Choose the FC SC LIVE 4 by Power Acoustics?

This flight case is an ideal choice for DJs and audio professionals looking to protect their equipment during travel. Its customized design and durability make it a reliable travel companion for your controller.

User Reviews

  • The FC SC LIVE 4 from Power Acoustics offers a convenient and secure transport solution for my Denon SC LIVE 4 controller. Its customized design ensures optimal protection, allowing me to focus fully on my performance without worrying about my equipment.
  • I highly recommend the FC SC LIVE 4 to any DJs in need of a reliable flight case for their controller. Its quality construction and smart design make it an essential choice for protecting your investment.
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Technical sheet

  • Flight en multiplis pour contrôleur Denon SC LIVE 4 et autres contrôleurs de dimensions similaires
  • Trappe amovible en face avant permettant d’accéder aux différents réglages du contrôleur
  • Coins professionnels type boule métal pour protection et empilage
  • Cornières profilées en aluminium / Renforts d’angles
  • Capot de protection
  • 2 fermetures métal de type papillon
  • Finition noir et cornières silver
  • Dimensions intérieures (L x H x P) : 718 x 130 x 347 mm
  • Dimensions extérieures (L x H x P) : 822 x 205 x 500 mm
  • Poids : 13,7 kg
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