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Presonus Eris Sub 8

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The best subwoofer for Eris monitors.
The Eris Sub8 is the first subwoofer in the renowned bestseller Eris studio monitor line. We called him Eris because he was designed from the start to be part of the family; it complements the sound and frequency response of those modern classics the Eris. Of course, it will work great with other monitors as well, but if you already have a pair of Eris in your home or studio, the Eris Sub8 is the best subwoofer to have that extra peach in your room. .

Maximize frequency response and precision.
With its incredible 100 watts of power, the Eris Sub8 drops to 30 Hz, which is 50 Hz lower than the Eris 3.5. This allows you to both bang harder and produce better mixes, as you'll hear an accurate representation of your work. For EDM and hip-hop producers in particular, a subwoofer is essential. The Eris Sub8 allows you to naturally extend the range of your Eris E3.5 or E4.5 monitors in a way suitable for small rooms, where these monitors excel.

Full control and connectivity.
Thanks to its robust configuration and input / output possibilities, you will be able to tailor your Eris Sub8 to your exact mixing and listening needs. You can connect your existing monitors via 6.35mm 3-pole (TRS) or RCA jack, adjust the input level to your liking, and even reverse the polarity. Most importantly, you have a high pass filter and crossover low pass control that ensures your Eris Sub8 kicks in precisely from the low frequency at which your main monitors stop working. This allows you to avoid confusion, sluggishness and low end spillovers, faults you hear when the bass is redundant in the absence of a crossover filter.


Ref : 98706
- Monitor color : black
- 8 "speaker
- Class AB power amplifier: 100 Watt peak (50 Watt RMS)
- Continuously adjustable input level: -30 dB to +6 dB
- Variable low pass filter: 50 Hz to 130 Hz
- Switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter
- Phase switch
- Inputs: 2x balanced 6.3 mm TRS jack, 2x unbalanced Cinch
- Outputs: 2x balanced 6.3 mm TRS jack, 2x unbalanced Cinch
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 330 x 317 x 250 mm
- Weight: 6.8 kg

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