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Sequencer sofware

From start to finish of production, Studio One V6 has everything you need to bring your inspiration to life. Studio One is the only audio production software to offer a complete integrated experience for recording, producing, composing, mixing, mastering and live performance. Studio One's cutting-edge drag-and-drop workflow makes it fast and intuitive to use. Time-consuming tasks such as compiling vocal takes and replacing drums benefit from the simplicity of drag-and-drop. Intelligent templates make it easy to get started, with streamlined workflows and practical tutorials. Use the new customisation editor to select only the tools and functions your task requires, streamlining the user interface so you can concentrate better and work faster than ever.

Only Studio One offers harmonic editing for both audio and MIDI. Experiment with new chord progressions until your next hit comes to life: no music theory degree required. From pop ballads to rap anthems, the chord track is a producer's dream come true. Create beats fast with advanced pattern editing, flexible samplers and live looping. Remix complete tracks with the arranger track and notepads. Go from studio to stage or streaming with the Show page. Design a complete show by building a setlist from tracks you've created in Studio One, incorporating a mix of live instruments, pre-recorded tracks and virtual instruments.

Assemble your album and master with Studio One projects. Only Studio One Professional associates tracks with mastering projects, allowing you to revert to mixes if necessary without losing fades, automation, clip gain edits, or any other mastering work. Designed with ease of use in mind, Studio One Artist takes you seamlessly from initial inspiration to full production, from final mix to mastered album, from digital distribution to live performance... and lets you create truly without barriers.
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Technical sheet

  • Customisable user interface. Show or hide virtually every tool and function in the user interface with the new customisation editor.
  • Smart templates. Smart templates provide essential tool sets for tasks ranging from basic recording to mixing stems, from mastering an album to setting up a live show.
  • Comprehensive lyrics support. Add lyrics to your scores, songs, productions and live performances with the all-new global lyrics track!
  • Global video track. The all-new global video track promotes an intuitive video workflow using the familiar drag-and-drop process for which Studio One is renowned.
  • Track presets. Save all aspects of a given track or channel for instant recall, even when multiple tracks/channels are selected.
  • Advanced collaboration with PreSonus Sphere. Studio One 6 increases the integration between your application and your PreSonus Sphere workspaces with convenient sharing and synchronization options built right into the Studio One browser.

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