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Qsc TouchMix-30 Pro

Digital mixing desk
1888.00 €
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The TouchMix-30 Pro is the most powerful compact mixer ever created.

It offers the features, possibilities and sound quality of large consoles
the most renowned in a compact format for easy transport.

Perfect for musicians, bands, audiovisual production professionals, and theaters.
TouchMix-30 Pro goes "Beyond Mixing" by also offering wizards, presets and other useful tools that help professionals and beginners get the best results quickly and easily.

It includes 32 mixing channels (24 mic / line, 6 stereo lines, USB stereo) and 16 outputs, 8 subgroups with 6-band parametric EQ.

It offers a fabulous signal management flexibility for a wide range of applications, from class A microphone preamps, as well as 2 real-time analyzers and direct recording of 32 channels to an external hard drive and a DAW interface with macOS® and Windows® computers make it a professional tool for live sound as well as for recording.

the anti-feedback wizard available on all mix outputs, helps operators to "tune" the system by activating
automatically narrow bandwidth filters on frequencies that can produce feedback during installation.

After the assistant has done his job, he continues to identify the possible feedback frequencies that may
then be eliminated using the "Manual Kill" button.
For those who prefer to do so, the feedback filters can be adjusted manually.
It also includes an Equalization, Effect, and Gain Wizard.

TouchMix's touch-and-turn interface provides tactile control of faders and parameters while providing a hardware connection to the mixer's features.

Functions and display are duplicated over Wi-Fi on iOS or Android devices,
providing both portable and wireless connectivity as well as additional control over the features of the mixer.

Finally The most important aspect of a mixer is the sound quality, and in this area,
TouchMix respects this function.
With professional class A microphone preamps, the highest quality converters and meticulous attention to detail throughout the signal chain,
the TouchMix Series offers sound quality and purity that rivals multi-price mixers.


Ref : 70258
- Number of channel mixing desk : 6 and 8 channels
- Large, multi-touch (10-inch) touch screen offers more on-screen information and convenient, efficient control
- Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks
- Two real-time analyzers (RTAs) provide instant display of channel sound balance and room response
- Patch matrix for simple "multing" and rearrangement of inputs
- Eight subgroups with 6-band parametric EQ, variable high and low pass filters and limiter can be assembled for stereo.
- 32 channels of direct HDD recording / playback - capture and recall sessions without the need for an external computer
- The 32-channel DAW interface with Mac® computers enables bidirectional I / O with the most popular workstation software.
- Direct MP3 playback from USB
- Dimensions: 46 x 42.9 x 19 cm
- Weight: 11.4kg

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