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RockBoard® Flat Power Cables have high quality power cables for effects pedals and have been developed just like our flat patch cables. Their ultra compact outlets are smaller than most other power cables available on the market, always in the interest of saving space on your pedalboard. Unlike other cables, our RockBoard® Flat Power Cables do not use two parallel cable lines, instead they are similar to instrument cables, with a core wire surrounded by a shield that prevents electrical interference.


Ref : 85446
- Cable length : < 1m
- Cable type : other
- Type of connection cable 1 : power plug
- Type of connection cable 2 : power plug
- High quality power cable for effects pedals
- Ultra compact plugs
- Power plug 2.1 mm (inside) and 5.5 mm (outside)
- Twisted copper protection to minimize electrical interference
- 15 cm

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