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Analog mixing desk

The SSL Big Six is an analogue console.

The SSL Big Six is based on the legendary SSL studio consoles that made history by capturing the sound of the world's greatest artists and
consoles that made history by capturing the sound of the greatest artists and giving many
and giving many famous albums that unique colour, in a compact format and
and at a much more sensible price. This high performance analogue console is
capable of offering exceptional flexibility in a wide variety of studio and live situations.
situations, both in the studio and live. Carrying over 40 years of Solid State Logic's accumulated expertise and
accumulated by Solid State Logic, this full-featured console fits perfectly into the
perfectly into the large family of SSL consoles.
Like the brand's other mixing consoles, the SSL Big SiX has an impressive array of
an impressive array of analogue connections to capture the essence of the connected instrument.
of the connected instrument. There are no less than four XLR microphone inputs
microphone inputs, plus a switchable line and instrument input jack with the famous
preamps, are available for connecting microphones and instruments.
instruments. These channels feature a single-potentiometer compression circuit,
based on the classic SSL Channel Compressor, and a 3-band EQ section derived from the
band EQ section derived from the SSL E-Series with two curve settings for HF and LF
curves: Bell or Shelf. Each SuperAnalogue channel provides an insert I/O for passing the signal to an
the signal to an external processor.
A high-quality 16-channel USB audio interface onboard.
A legendary compression bus.
Impressive monitoring and routing capabilities.
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  • Mixer connectivity : without computer connection
  • Number of channel mixing desk : 6 and 8 channels
  • Four SuperAnalogue Money Channels with XLR and jack inputs,
  • mic/line level control, Hi-Z, phantom power, high pass filter,
  • polarity switch, classic SSL signal dynamics controls,
  • updated 3-band EQ based on the E-Series SSL, and fully balanced insert points.
  • fully balanced insert points
  • 4 stereo inputs with dual mono switching and a wide gain range.
  • Built-in 16-channel, high-quality 96 kHz / 24-bit USB AD/DA converters
  • with advanced routing capabilities.
  • Three types of compressors: Classic SSL, Listen Mic Compressor, and a
  • compressor, and a condensed version of the G-Comp Bus Compressor now with an
  • Auto" release mode.
  • 100mm studio quality faders
  • Professional LED meters with fast and accurate peak response
  • Two independent headphone outputs
  • Comprehensive monitoring section
  • Two streams of Stereo Cues.
  • Mixes up to 18 inputs
  • Bus Mix send for cascading additional SiX/Big SiX consoles
  • consoles.
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