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sale Steinberg Dorico elements 3.5

Score editing
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Steinberg Dorico Elements 3.5 brings forth a whole new range of features, enhancements and upgrades to the powerful scoring software.

Dorico Elements 3.5 features everything you need to get your musical ideas into your DAW via the conventional methods of writing and scoring your music. Elements is the perfect introduction to the world of notation, perfect for learners, students and teachers alike. Compose, notate and export your pieces with ease thanks to the intuitive interface and over 1,500 available sounds to choose from.

From beginners to professionals, Dorico provides you with all the tools you could possibly need to notate and publish your music. In-depth controls allow you to fully unleash your expressiveness including guitar notation and more. Version 3.5 includes new features and upgrades to enhance your capabilities including Figured Bass, improved guitar notation, VST Expression Maps and improvements to speed up your workflow.


Ref : 95609
VST Expression Maps: smarter, richer expression maps provide greater control over today’s sophisticated sample libraries [Pro/Elements/SE]
Figured bass: the most sophisticated support for figured bass of any music notation software [Pro/Elements/SE]
Pitch before duration input: quickly and easily try out ideas on your MIDI keyboard before committing them to your score. Ideal for Finale Speedy Entry users looking to add Dorico to their toolbox [Pro/Elements/SE]
Guitar notation: extended support for hammer-on, pull-off, tapping, vibrato arm scoops, dips, bends and dives [Pro/ Elements/SE]
Chord diagrams: add a grid showing the chord shapes used in your flow below the title with a single click [Pro/ Elements/SE]
Condensing for divisi: it’s now simple to have beautiful multi-staff divided parts and for the conductor’s score to show a single, correctly labelled staff [Pro]
Beams: more flexible beaming, including beams that start and end with rests [Pro/Elements/SE]
Instrumental parts: create additional instrumental parts in different transpositions, making it easy to provide parts for flexible ensembles [Pro/Elements/SE]
Music XML export: expanded MusicXML export, making it more practical to exchange music created in Dorico with users of other software [Pro/Elements/SE]
User interface: customise the colours used for the page and the background behind it, improving accessibility for users with accessibility needs [Pro/Elements/SE]
Hollywood-style parts: add extra blank staves to fill the page with a single click [Pro/Elements/SE]
Keda Indian Drum Basics: sounds for tabla, dhol, dholak and pakhawaj [Pro/Elements/SE]
Notate and create complex musical pieces with ease
Fast, flexible workflows
Ideal for teaching and learning
Unrivalled musical intelligence
Beautiful, modern design
Players in the project: 12
Clef presets: 7
Bar numbers: Single format
Key signatures: Up to 7 flats/sharps
Notehead presets: 30
Page numbers: Automatic
Playing techniques presets: 220
Operating systems (Windows): Windows 10 (64-bit)
Operating systems (Mac): macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave
CPU minimum:64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
CPU Recommended:Intel i5 or faster
RAM minimum:4 GB
RAM Recommended: 8 GB
Hard disk free space:6 GB

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