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Tone king

Imperial MK II - Cream
Electric guitar combo amp

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Everything you know and love about the original Imperial is still there in the TONE KING Imperial MK II Combo (Cream) electric guitar amp. The spanky blackface-style voice, the gritty tweed tones, all of it.
However, the MKII takes it all a few steps further. Its two channels have been tuned for better-sounding overdrive, a smoother top end, and more harmonic complexity. The amp's vintage-voiced tube reverb and tremolo will cause you to question whether you’re actually playing a vintage amp. Thanks to the Imperial MKII’s onboard Ironman II power attenuator, you can get all of these tube-driven tones at any volume. When your company is built upon the legacy of an amp like the Imperial, you’d better be sure you honor your past while always improving. With the Imperial MKII, we did.

20 years of improvement
If you love the sound and feel of the original design, you absolutely have to try our Tone King Imperial MKII. Springboarding off of the tones that made the original our flagship amp, we included a few tonal adjustments and additions that are sure to make the MKII your new go-to tube amp.
? Handwired board construction improves midrange heft while improving the highs
? Rhythm channel tuned for improved overdrive with a smoother sound
? Lead channel’s Mid-Bite control tightens the low end for added punch and cut


Ref : 92570
- TONE KING Imperial MK II Combo
- Electric guitar amplification, all tube circuitry (2x 6V6 power, 3x 12AX7 preamp, 5AR4 rectification, 12AT7 & 12AX7A réverbe)
- Closed combo
- Hand-made in USA
- 20-watts
- 1x 12" Eminence Custom designed, 8-Ohm, ceramic magnet speaker
- Dual channel
- Rhythm Channel : Volume, Treble, Bass
- Lead Channel : Volume, Tone
- 2x spring tube driven reverb
- Bias modulation type tremolo circuit
- Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator, Fletcher-Munson Circuitry
- Attenuation Steps 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
- HF Compensation tailors the high frequency “presence” as desired
- Rhythm Channel Bypass switch (the attenuator will automatically be bypassed when the rhythm channel is selected)
- 1x 8 Ohms speaker out
- 572 x 489 x 267 mm
- 16,4 kg

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