X-tone XTS-SUB 15 Pouces

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The brand X-tone

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Active subwoofer

The Xts-Sub is an 800W rms amplified box from X-tone.

Couple the Xts-Sub with the Xts series from X-tone to extend the bass frequency.
- Class D amplifier, with a frequency response of 30Hz-200HZ.

The process of creating and developing sound reinforcement speakers is a complex job that requires a great deal of expertise in the field of professional audio. As passionate musicians, Star's Music is aware of the importance of sound quality and versatility of these speakers for artists and music professionals.

That is why, to develop our XTS series, Stars Music searched for specialized factories in sound reinforcement speaker manufacturing. We evaluated many criteria such as production quality, delivery times, prices, but most importantly, sound quality.

We tested different models of sound reinforcement speakers, ranging from the most affordable to the high-end, to compare the performance and characteristics of each. We also studied current market trends to add value to our XTS series.

Star's Music's hard work has paid off, and we are proud of the positive reception of our XTS series among our musician clients. The XTS series from X-tone consists of several models, XTS 10, XTS 12, XTS 15, and the XTS-SUB, all designed to provide exceptional sound quality and maximum versatility on stage or in the studio.

Star's Music is determined to continue working hard to offer superior quality products and services, while listening to feedback from our musician clients and involving them in our development process.
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Technical sheet

  • PA power speaker 601 to 1000 watts RMS
  • Type of PA speaker FOH speaker
  • Type: Active Low Level Housing
  • Frequency response: 30HZ-200Hz
  • Sensitivity: 96.5db
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Speaker: 15"100m 100OZ 100"100m
  • SPL:125db
  • DSp: Sampling frequency 48khz-24bit
  • Amplifier: Class D
  • Amp power: 800W rms
  • Peak power: 1600W
  • Protections: <0.1%.
  • Crossover: over temp, over load, Dc protec
  • Dimensions: 610x540x540x620mm
  • Weight: 36KG
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  • Sound Quality
  • durability
  • Power
  • Easy to carry