Yamaha EZ-310

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Entertainer keyboard

The EZ-310 is an arranger keyboard offered by the Yamaha brand.

The Highlights of the EZ-310

  • Featuring a special lighted guide function, this entry-level keyboard enables beginners to play easily.
  • Develop your skills with built-in songs, which include numerous popular hits, and a wide variety of learning functions.
  • Be inspired by the touch sensitivity that allows you to fully control sound dynamics, as well as rich and authentic instrument sounds, including grand piano and others.

Key Features of the EZ-310

Yamaha Ez-310 - Entertainer Keyboard - Variation 4

Lighted keys make practice a breeze

Simply press the keys in time with their illumination, and enjoy playing, even if you can't read music or have never touched a keyboard before. Plus, the instrument offers 3-step lessons that allow you to practice built-in songs at your level, with just the right hand, or the left hand, or both hands together, and repeat the same phrases as many times as needed.

Yamaha Ez-310 - Entertainer Keyboard - Variation 5

Pleasant and authentic

In addition to the rich, varied, and authentic sounds of Yamaha grand pianos, the instrument offers a palette of 650 built-in sounds, including realistic sounds of guitars, basses, drums, and other musical instruments. You can express all your sensitivity by playing these sounds. Stronger pressure on the keys amplifies the sound, while lighter pressure produces soft and delicate nuances. This touch response highlights the finest subtleties of your playing, allowing you to play according to your preferences.

Yamaha Ez-310 - Entertainer Keyboard - Variation 6

Play and listen to your favorite songs

This instrument contains 152 songs, including pop hits, classics, and renowned piano pieces, allowing you to play and enjoy your favorite musical style. Plus, you can connect it to your computer to add more of your favorite songs.

Yamaha Ez-310 - Entertainer Keyboard - Variation 7

Simplified automatic accompaniment

The instrument has powerful Style features that automatically add rhythm, bass, and chord accompaniment notes to perfectly match the chords you play, making it sound like you're playing with a full backing band. There's even a convenient auto chord playback function that automatically produces musically appropriate chords and helps you expand your performance range.

Expert Reviews

  • Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a variety of features that stimulate creativity and learning.
  • The learning function with the lights on the keys is very well designed and significantly speeds up learning. It's a great way to introduce children to music without them feeling overwhelmed.
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Technical sheet

  • Number of keys 61 keys
  • Touch Semi-light touch
  • Light Guide Function
    • The highly educational light guide function indicates the notes to play by illuminating them
  • Integrated Pieces
    • A total of 152 integrated pieces, including popular and famous pieces, as well as exercises for improvement
  • Sounds and Styles
    • 650 sounds, 260 Styles
  • Dynamic Touch and Polyphony
    • Dynamic Touch and 48-note polyphony
  • Advanced Sounds
    • Super Articulation Lite Sounds
  • Sound Effects
    • Reverb, Chorus, and 41 types of DSP effects
  • Harmonies and Arpeggios
    • 26 types of harmonies and 152 types of arpeggios
  • Chord Automation
    • A brand new "Auto Chord Play" function for styles
  • Teaching and Training
    • "Keys to Success" function with various lesson activities
  • Game Mode
    • Duo Mode
  • Connectivity
    • USB Audio Interface/USB Audio Recording
  • Power Supply
    • Battery operation (6xAA)

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