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Yamaha PSR-SX600

Entertainer keyboard

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799.00 € 681.00 €
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The PSR-SX600, with 850 tones, 43
Drum/SFX kits and 480 XG tones,
offers exceptional sound quality.
For the first time ever at this level of
price, the Super Articulation technology is
integrated, offering the user the possibility
to add effects specific to the instrument
selected, using the
modulation or the pedal. Among the 415
styles, many of them are from
our high-end instruments, and are
complemented by local musical content
coinciding with the musical cultures of the
Brazil, China and Africa. In addition..,
the entire contents of the instrument
benefits from the new bills of exchange section
optimized. The PSR-SX600 is the first
keyboard to offer Unison functions
and Accent, which allow control
expressive and nuanced in use
styles, and to create a large number of
accompanying variations. This is the
first time also that a model at this level
The price list includes a microphone input. A
many of its characteristics have
totally evolved. Among these, by
example, a new colour LCD screen
allows for a clearer display of
settings and all the information
useful to the user, while the
new DAC (Digital-to-Digital Converter)
analog) provides high-fidelity sound
over a wide range of frequencies.
The PSR-SX series sets a new standard
in terms of sound quality, ergonomics
and functions for top-of-the-line keyboards from
range. The PSR-SX600 completes the series
offering everything you need to play in
"live" on stage or at home.


Ref : 95238
- Number of keys : 61 keys
- Touch : light touch
- 61 dynamic notes
- 850 tones, 43 drum kits
- SFX and 480 tones XG
- 415 styles
- EQ available for 27 games
- Color LCD screen (480 x 272
- Playlist
- Audio playback functions
- Unison & Accent features
- Smart Chord
- Microphone input
- High quality CAD
- USB audio function
- Increased memory

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