Yamaha U1 TA3 PE TransAcoustic

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Silent piano

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist, choosing your piano is a crucial step in your musical journey, and the Yamaha U1 is an acoustic piano that stands out for its quality craftsmanship and exceptional sound.


Founded in 1887 in Japan, the Yamaha brand quickly established itself as a reference in the world of musical instruments, thanks to the quality of its products and constant innovation. Today, Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world, with a range of products that extends from pianos to guitars to musical accessories.


The Yamaha U1 piano is available in different colors and with different options: the U1 and the U1 Silent, the U1 Transacoustic, and the U1 Disklavier. The first is a traditional acoustic piano, the second is equipped with a Silent system that allows you to play with headphones without disturbing others, the Transacoustic option allows for digital sound transmission on the soundboard, and the disklavier system is an automation that can play any piano piece of your choice. Whichever version you choose, here are some of the features that make this model a quality instrument:

  • High-precision mechanics: the Yamaha U1 piano is equipped with high-quality mechanics, ensuring great precision in key playing and quick response to musical nuances.
  • Synthetic ivory keyboard: the keyboard of the Yamaha U1 piano is covered with synthetic ivory, offering better finger grip and a more natural touch sensation.
  • Spruce soundboard: the soundboard is one of the most important parts of a piano, as it amplifies the string vibrations to produce sound. This piano has a high-quality spruce soundboard, ensuring a brilliant sound with rich harmonics.


  • Robust construction quality: it is built to last, with a solid structure that withstands the rigors of daily use. The hammers are made from high-quality felt and are designed to provide sensitive and precise response, while the strings are made of tempered steel for maximum durability.
  • Rich sound: The sound of this piano is deep and rich, with a deep resonance that fills the room. This sound quality is largely due to the spruce soundboard structure, which is carefully selected for its superior acoustic properties.
  • Sensitive touch: the keys are designed to provide sensitive and precise response, allowing for great expressiveness and nuance in playing. The keys are weighted to provide a natural playing feel, while the hammer mechanism is designed to provide quick and precise response.
  • Great versatility: it is a versatile instrument suitable for a wide variety of musical styles. Whether you're a classical, jazz, or pop musician, you'll find that this piano offers a range of sound colors and dynamics to meet all your needs.
  • Ease of use: it is easy to use and maintain. Features such as the Silent system allow for playing without disturbing neighbors, while accessories such as keyboard covers and piano lamps offer additional protection and ease of use.
  • Yamaha warranty: Yamaha is a renowned piano manufacturer known for its quality craftsmanship, and this piano comes with a warranty that ensures peace of mind. With a full 10-year warranty, you can be sure that your piano will provide years of playing pleasure.

In conclusion, the Yamaha U1 is a superior quality upright piano that will meet the expectations of the most demanding musicians. With its precise touch and brilliant sound, it is an ideal choice for professional pianists, music students, and passionate enthusiasts. Additionally, it has the advantage of being available at an affordable price compared to other high-end pianos.

If you're in search of a quality piano, we invite you to browse the other models offered on our website justeunpiano.fr. We offer a wide selection of upright and grand pianos from renowned brands such as Kawai, Yamaha, Petrof, and many more.

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Technical sheet

  • Piano color Black lacquered
  • Manufacturing
    • 100% Japan
  • Reference
    • #1 choice for conservatories
  • Uniformity
    • Exemplary
  • Power
    • Surprising
  • Options
    • Silent SH3 and Transacoustic TA3 System
  • Soundboard
    • Solid Sitka Spruce (Japan)
  • Bracing
    • Solid Sitka Spruce (Japan)
  • Bridges
    • Beech
  • Number of Bracing Bars
    • 5
  • Cylinder
    • Progressive return and lock
  • Hammers
    • With underfelt
  • Additional Options
    • Silent SH3, TranAcoustic TA3, or Disklavier
  • Possible Finishes
    • Black, white, or glossy mahogany, waxed walnut, satin walnut
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