Arturia Pigments 5 serial

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Sound bank

The quality of Arturia's modeling is beyond question; today, the V-Collection or Pigments are the most widely used modeled instruments worldwide. Whether on Mac or PC, and regardless of your host software, Arturia instruments will perform seamlessly.

It revolutionizes modern synthesis; Pigments' approach to sound design is as powerful as it is accessible, allowing users to create epic, high-resolution sounds with surgical precision and impact through a fully customized interface designed for avant-garde producers.

Limitless Sound Design
As an end-to-end powerful software synthesizer, Pigments makes exploring an infinite sound spectrum easier than ever. Four synthesis engines, over 1500 sounds, one-click modulation and sequencing, macros, and immediately expressive effects—all of this is a pleasure to use right away.

Dynamic and Intuitive Workflow
Visualize and refine your sound with style through an interface that adapts to your creative flow. Whether fine-tuning a composition in Play view, tuning color-coded modulation, or seeing a patch or preset come to life through dynamic visualization, Pigments invites experimentation.

On the Beat
Pigments' sonic powers truly shine at the forefront of contemporary music production. Its vast and clear sounds are no strangers to the world's leading electronic genres—from trap, bass music, and EDM to house, electro, lo-fi, electronica, cinematic sounds, and much more.

Create Your Own Sound
Customize Pigments to fit your setup and create your own sounds with personalized appearances, play modes, audio routing, pre-defined playlists, external sound sources, and much more.

Pigments 5 SN Innovations
Pigments 5 introduces multi-core processing, a new generative sequencer, the ability to input external audio, and a refreshed interface with new tailored content and sounds—allowing for an even greater sonic palette.

NEW Multi-core processing - Pigments now operates more efficiently with CPU, making it easier for more users to explore this powerful softsynth.

NEW Generative sequencer - with one-click sequence generation and new play modes, as well as saveable presets and sequence navigation. Use sequencer locking to apply sequence parameters to any sound.

NEW External audio input - you can now process any audio with Pigments from the Utility engine by routing the sound to the instrument via the track's sidechain input. Additional effect routing options have also been integrated.

NEW Content and new sounds - discover a selection of 100 new factory presets and new wavetables and samples in Pigments 5, including over 1500 sounds.

NEW Refreshed interface - including an enhanced Play view, with new waveform displays and other improvements.

NEW Sound Packs - 3 new sound banks, each with 150 presets, featuring a range of bold, colorful, and expansive sounds that define Pigments' reputation.
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  • Category: Virtual Instrument
  • OS: Mac OS 64-bit - from version 10.13 onwards, Windows 10 (64-bit)

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